Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon – Undead Rise One

Hey there game fans!  A while back we showed off some of monsters from Merge Dungeon, and now we’re ready to dive even further into the unknown.  We’re spoiling some of one of the later chambers, so if you don’t want to see these monsters, turn back now.  We’ve got 12 monsters to show off though, and they’re ready to rise from their graves to stave off some hardy adventurers.  Let’s dive right in.

When it comes to the undead, we start with the basics.  As of the time of this writing (which should be well after the game releases, fingers crossed), we were still considering calling the undead chamber the “hero-deboning chamber” but I’m not sure how much that will stick.  We wanted to make sure that the undead in our game weren’t too scary.  It is a casual game, after all, and we wanted just about anyone to be able to play it.

The next skeleton up is armed, making him a bit more of a problem for would-be adventurers.  Still, with how long he’s been in the ground, there’s a good chance those weapons won’t amount to much!

Our highest level skeleton has some snazzy armor and dual wields.  While those bones might be brittle, the weapons certainly aren’t, so anyone daring to face off against the skeleton warrior better bring their A game!

After brush past the skeletons, we move on to our slightly fleshier monsters.  This zombie looks like he needs a vacation.  Since he’s in the Living Dungeon (or at least getting shipped off to it), there’s no hope for that.  His only hope is evolving into something stronger.

Ghouls are a little more eager to cause some damage, and a little less squishy to boot.  This guy’s fangs and claws are almost just as bad as those skeleton weapons we saw earlier!

The scariest of our lower tier “zombies” is the ghast.  Magic has kept him fierce and hungry, and unsuspecting heroes are in for a rude awakening when this guy leaps out of the shadows.

We wanted to shake things up from the slime chamber, so the undead chamber doesn’t constrict itself to just sets of three monsters.  The “zombies” end up going for a few more monsters.  This revenant has a little more sentience than the previous baddies.

Wights are like revenants but with a bit more meat on their bones, so to speak.  They’re smart enough to armor up and bring powerful weapons to bear against their enemies.

The abomination might seem like  step back, since it doesn’t have any equipment, but this abyssal amalgamation comes stocked to the brim with potent magic.

After zombies, we move on to mummies.  These ancient undead are a bit more mystical, and provide a good amount of monster essence to the dungeon master.

A step up from the regular mummy, royal mummies are guardians of ancient kings and queens.  They were buried with more finery and weapons, which make them worthy adversaries.

The final monster we’re showing off in the first set of undead monsters is the pharaoh mummy.  He (or she) brings powerful magic to the table, which can be used against adventurers, or to bring plentiful monster essence to the dungeon.


This is a nice look at the 12 monsters we’ve shown off so far.  Come back here in another three weeks when we show off the rest of the undead scourge!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.