Quantum Quest Merge Dungeon Interface

Howdy folks!  I’ve got a kind of strange post for you today.  You don’t too often see me (or people in general) mess with things like game interfaces, but I thought that was precisely the reason it would be cool to see how all the individual pieces come together in order to make something that looks great as a whole.  Check it out:

In order to make Merge Dungeon work, we needed a place to put our monsters.  Sergei hooked us up with some great looking tiles.

We also needed a place to summon the monster crates that our monsters come in.

And of course, here is one of those crates.

We needed some buttons that would take you to different places in the game (in this case, the shop or settings pages).

Here we have the trusty experience bar.

And we also have the monster essence bar.

While we had a mostly black background during the design process, we wanted to make sure it didn’t just look like an empty room, so we added some walls at the top.

And finally, we wanted to experiment with a monster hand as a cursor.

When you put it all together, you actually have something that turned out really cool:

Even at this point, it doesn’t really sell the idea as much as it could.  That’s why in a few weeks, we’re going to show you the first set of slimes—the monsters from the first room of the game.  Stay tuned!

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