New Hero Joining the Ranks of Tellest

One of the reasons that I’m so fervently invested in the prequel stories (including novels, novellas and short stories) these days is that it really helps to establish more of the world of Tellest.  We’ve barely stepped off of the main continent we’ve been writing for—Draconis—and yet, there are still almost 1000 years of history to talk about there.  In Heart of the Forest, the novel that I chugged through for last year’s NaNoWriMo, we learn that the first men who emerged from the mountains and the underground had a huge impact on the course of history and the development of the world.  In fact, the first rule of Raleigh took hold of his country in the year 53.

Warriors and rulers and the like made a mark on the world, but it was a special group of people known as the Kalistrazi that really shaped Tellest into the place it had become.  In those first few decades and centuries, the world was constantly at risk of danger, thanks to the rifts that opened into various places.  Dragons, demons and the forces of darkness always kept Tellest on the brim of peril, but the Kalistrazi met that danger head on, and kept the realm safe.

As mysterious as the Kalistrazi were, there are only few who are known by name.  And perhaps the most interesting one of them has shown up multiple times throughout history.  But in order to know about his later exploits, it might be prudent to know about his meager beginnings.

Life was harsh for the people of Blacklehn after the convergence.  Many of the homes that were built were crude and unstable, and it took several generations for any semblance of security to be found.  Even then, survival wasn’t guaranteed.  When a lad was found in a bassinet in the middle of a snowy field, no one knew for sure whether he was abandoned, or if his parents or guardians had been waylaid by vicious beasties, and left the babe alone.

Adopted by the town of Rosburg, the lad grew up to be as mischievous as he was charming.  Bixby, a lad without a true family, was taught a little bit by everyone.  The scamp ended up earning the respect and praise of everyone in Rosburg when he won the apprenticeship of a mighty wizard.  Hanlon Alladocious officially took the lad in, and taught him in the arcane arts.  When it became apparent that Bixby was a worthy successor, he even gave him something he had been left wanting for nearly two decades: a surname.  The official heir of Hanlon, he went on many adventures, helping the wizard and his friends in Rosburg protect their little corners of the world as best they could.  And Bixby learned of the great power in him, as well, somehow turning up throughout history for at least three hundred years.

No one knows for sure how he managed to sustain himself for so long, but just the exploits that we know about make the tales of his adventures wondrous indeed.  For he was: super Kalistrazi mystic Bixby Alladocious.

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.