Restless Nights

I had a restless night.

I agreed to watch my mother’s dog for the weekend, and everything would have went well, but we had a thunderstorm at about one o’clock.  As is usually the case with dogs and storms, the old girl lost her mind, and started barking.  Every time I thought she’d have stopped, I was wrong.  Finally, at about three o’clock, I brought her into my room so she’d feel safe.

I have the hardest time trying to get to sleep when I’m consciously trying to.  My thoughts drift everywhere, and they finally had me thinking about characters in my books.  How would they react if they couldn’t get any rest?

My main character has experienced much more than I ever could.  He’s a former military man, having worked for the King’s army.  His sleep patterns are a lot like mine.  If even the slightest noise happens to alert him, he’ll wake up.  It’s something that he’s grown used to – it makes it almost more troubling when he’s sleeping comfortably, which is the opposite problem for me tonight.  Then again, he’s had a lot more to worry about than me.  If you’re interested, check out the sample on Amazon:

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