Mythological Fantasy Promo – The Sword of Telemon

Mythologies of all cultures are incredibly interesting to me, and I’d be willing to believe that you can spot a few of their inspirations sprinkled throughout Tellest.  From the pantheon of the world’s gods, to the aptly named winged elf, Icarus, there is no end to how far Tellest can be taken with those old legends as a muse.  As you can tell, I’m quite fond of Greek myth most of all.

That’s why it is a privilege to introduce you to Murray Lee Eiland Jr and the first book in The Orfeo Saga, The Sword of Telemon.  The author deftly weaves his story with interesting characters, a world that seems both familiar and exotic, and beautiful prose.  Eiland Jr writes in such a way that you don’t just feel drawn to the story, you somehow feel transported to it—a storyteller’s ultimate victory.


Sword of Telemon


A young Achaean prince (from northern ancient Greece) is captured in a raid. His younger brother Orfeo, and a group of warriors are sent on a mission to look for him. Telemon, a legendary warrior, and Zurga, an elderly wanderer, are soon joined by Clarice, a girl who is a master of disguise. To their dismay they find that the kidnapped prince has been made a galley slave and that the maritime power of Thera plans to conquer the entire Mediterranean. Can they avert disaster?


If you should find yourself interested in this wonderfully crafted tale, you can purchase the first book in The Orfeo Saga on Amazon. The Sword of Telemon has been earning high praise there, and it’s easy to see why!

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