Museum of Wonders

General description


The Museum of Wonders is located in the city of Atalatha.  It stands adjacent to the Great Cathedral and the Great Library.  It is one of the northernmost buildings.



When Atalatha was conceived, and the Knights of Virtue were given a chance to forge their destiny, Maximus Xanders knew exactly what he wanted to leave in his name.  The Museum of Wonders was a place for all the antiquities and oddities that he had acquired or built throughout his life.

Rather than safely tuck the relics of great importance away, he decided to put them on display for all to see.  The Museum allows a great deal of coin to flow through the city, as out-of-towners will often flock to the building while on holiday.

Maximus has living quarters within the edifice, as well as a workshop where he tinkers with some of his more queer items.


Physical Description

The Museum of Wonders is a building that stretches fairly deep.  The entrance is styled almost like a temple, with marble steps and pillars that seem to hold up an effigy of the god, Mathias.  His eyes seem to follow passersby, enticing people inside.

Within, a large, lifelike statue of the dragon Batrura greets people, its legs opening toward the rest of the museum.  Each room within the place houses many of the items that Maximus has collected, the rooms open wide enough to fit several houses inside.

Each antique is typically held beneath thick glass or attached to the walls to deter thieves.  Some of the larger items are housed inside clear boxes in the center of each area.


Notable Items Within

Maximus has collected dozens, if not hundreds of antiques over the years.  Sometimes things are gifted to him, and occasionally, he visits far off lands to come back with souvenirs.

Among many of his presentations are busts of long lost leaders.  Several of them line the halls that lead one room to the next.  Full statues of other legends, including the dragon in the foyer, can also be found.

He is also an avid collector of weaponry.  The knife of Jasmine Byrne, which delivered the final blow to Roark, is situated not far from his workshop.

Maximus is also well known through the city for his personal ingenuity.  Several of the items that he’s tinkered with are on display as well, including everything from an underwater breathing apparatus to small windup toys.

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