Art: Kaos Kreegan Work in Progress

This week, we’re going to show you what one of our artist’s has been doing for the characters that’s been part of the Tellest storylines from the very beginning.

Joman Mercado was the third artist that we began working with.  Even though our Kickstarter stretch goal to get him on board fell through, I felt it was too important to collaborate with him than give up on a good thing.  We dug deep to make sure we would be able to accommodate him, and he has yet to let us down.

His first project was tackling the main protagonist, Kaos Kreegan.  Below, you’ll see the steps we took in determining what the character should look like in Joman’s unique style.

Kaos 1Kaos 2


Kaos 3


Next week, we’ll be happy to bring you the final piece and show you how awesome it turned out!

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