Coliseum of Atalatha

General description


At the center of Atalatha, a great arena sits that entices the populace of the city.  The place buzzes like a hornet’s nest, and as such has given great popularity to the shops and tourist attractions of the area.  Some of the more well known buildings that surround the coliseum are the black tower of Andrakidus, and several pubs.  Grimes’ Pub is located just across the street from the coliseum, while the Bravado is just east along the main road.



When the Knights of Virtue thwarted the rise of Roark, the undead king from the north, Gregory, the king of Raleigh, made a carte blanche offer to them for their deeds.  Eltan Mane, an ambitious fellow, determined that he wanted to create the town of Atalatha.  Several of the other knights had less lofty goals.

Allan Mayheyre, one of the knights, was known for his prowess in battle, though he was a bit rugged compared to most of his comrades.  He saw the sport of fighting, and created a place within the city to allow men to test their mettle against one another.

Though it was conceived as a meager and simple field, it grew in popularity as the city grew in splendor.  Over the years it has transformed, and has become one of the prime entertainment venues for the people of Atalatha, as well as visitors from other cities and even countries.


Physical Description

The coliseum of Atalatha is the largest building within the city.  It has been said that the entire population of the metropolis could fit within the arena.  While it is not the tallest construct, if you stood at its highest points, you’d be able to see much of the city.

It is built with an exterior of sturdy marble, though the halls inside the place are more versatile granite.  Long, draping tapestries hang from its parapets, proudly heralding its events and champions.

Within, the arena floor is covered with sand.  This was primarily to assist in the cleaning of unfortunate incidents.  The seating is often thought of as being uncomfortable, as the spectators have to sit upon stone.  However, in the center of the audience, a more upper-class venue remains for some of Atalatha’s elite, including Mayheyre.


Notable Battles and Events

Over the years, Mayheyre has hosted plenty of tournaments and battles.  One of the most remembered ones occurred just as he was transitioning from the large, yet plain field to the great stone construct that exists in the city currently.  He inaugurated the advance of the coliseum by holding a tournament that threw many contenders against each other.  At the end of the battle, a contender, David Garus, stood victorious.  He was intended to be Mayheyre’s champion going forward, but because of unforeseen reasons, he never facilitated that role.

The people of Atalatha also know well the lasting legacy of the coliseum’s longest standing champion.  Geylard the Great seemed to come out of nowhere, and held onto his title with fury and violence.  For nearly a year, no one could match him for strength, and his speed was nearly unrivaled as well.  Geylard met his end at the hands of an unknown assailant during a confrontation with Kaos Kreegan.

After the passing of Geylard the Great, Mayheyre held another contest, The Tournament of Kings.  Among the contenders were Kaos Kreegan, the newest champion, and Zachariah Caista, Atalatha’s guard captain.  They met Randall Hart and Grant Scott in the final bracket of the tournament, and were victorious.


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