Merge Dungeon – Merge Weapons 2

Hi there travelers.  We’re back today with another very quick look at some of the items you can merge in Merge Dungeon—outside of the monsters and creatures, that is.

While we already looked at a set of weapons, they’re starting to get pretty vicious here.  We went with our mace and flail set here, and found some things that are a bit spikier and smashier.  As always, Sergei did an awesome job making these look realistic and lively.  We have a Morning Star, and Flanged Mace, and A Double Flail ready to inflict some pain on the pesky adventurers.

Things really start to open up when you begin adding swords to the mix.  While most of what we had seen so far looked pretty standard, the swords allowed us to be a little more decorative.  We started with a Broad Sword, and made our way to a sort of grooved Flamberge.  Our Greatsword has some pretty gnarly looking spikes, and then we have a very cool Double-Bladed Sword.

That is going to be it for our weapons preview.  We still have about seventeen weapons left in the game to be discovered, and they end up getting pretty crazy as the game goes on.  We don’t want to spoil all the fun.  However, we will be showing off more shields soon enough, so be on the lookout!

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