Fantasy Promo – The Debt Collector (Rise of the Tarnished Book 1)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to another visit to the Otherworld.  Today, we’re looking at a very cool steampunk fantasy from an extremely talented storyteller.  This may be one of your favorite books in recent times, and it has lasting power to remain near or at the top of your list throughout the rest of the year.  Read on to learn more about The Debt Collector (Rise of the Tarnished Book 1).

Rachel Ann Hubert arrives on the scene precisely as she means to, delivering a debut that is polished, smart, and would have readers second-guessing that this is the start of her writing journey.  Her novel, The Debt Collector (Rise of the Tarnished Book 1), opens up with a catching sequence that sets the tone, the setting, and the stage for what’s to come.  Hubert writes dynamic, layered characters that are easy to connect with.  And they aren’t the only focus, as they exist within a very rich and detailed world that you can get lost in.  The author has ensured there are intricate systems in place, from the magic to the diplomacy, and they add to the overall vividness of the world, without being heavy-handed.  The Debt Collector is wonderfully composed as well, as though Hubert is choreographing the action, and her words take you on a journey as the camera catching footage of the unfolding events.

Living in the capital is not for the faint of heart. But there are ways to delay the hunger pains, to fill up your plate, and look beyond the day to day- especially if you are willing to take out a loan to do so. As resources diminish and desperation grows, more and more have found themselves journeying to the building made of mirrors, in that office at the end of the hall, signing away on the dotted line.

The loan terms seem generous enough: a lifetime to repay what was borrowed.

As Adelliah works to collect on those who do not fulfill their obligations, she will find a much deeper debt that the kingdom itself is trying to clear; one that will have her unraveling generations of secrets, and the truth behind their years without war.

There is a cadence to the author’s words, and it helps to set the pace to an already speedy read.  While the story is robust, and multifaceted, there isn’t a time where it feels like anything lingers for too long, or that there is unnecessary set dressing.  Instead, The Debt Collector knows exactly where it needs to be and when, and that ensures that it is difficult to put down.  There are, of course, secrets revealed along the way, and Hubert handles them deftly, making each feel earned and exciting.  Before readers know it, they’ll be hooked by the one, last twist, and will be biting their nails for more.  With book two on the way, there’s never been a better time to dive into this work by Rachel Ann Hubert.  Check out The Debt Collector (Rise of the Tarnished Book 1) on Amazon today!

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