Merge Dungeon – Golem Set Preview 2

Hey there!  So, I’ve got one last set of previews to show you for the merge-worthy monsters in our game, Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon.  While we spent time showing off the lesser golems last time around, it’s time to look at some sturdier monsters this time around…

If you’ll recall, the last time we showed off the golems, we ended with sand.  They start to get infinitely tougher from here on out, starting with stone golems.  The golem-maker puts these creatures together with his magic, and now they’re a bit more substantial.

Our next golem is even more imposing, and almost has the look of a boxer.  The granite golem is a site to behold, and is a monster you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with.


Once you reach the obsidian golem, you get a true appreciation for all the hard work that must go into creating these golems.  This nearly indestructible automaton is a great help to any wizard, or a guard for a fabulous treasure.  And just keep in mind, after this golem, which is number 7, there are 23 bigger, badder golems lying in wait!

And that’s it for our golem previews!  After this set of stone golems, they start moving into metal golems and jeweled golems before they start getting absolutely insane.  We’re also actually wrapped up for Merge Dungeon in general for another two months or so before we start showing off some other cool stuff.  With as much work as we put into this casual little merge game, I’ve got enough to show off for ages!  Until next time!

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