Fantasy Promo – Law of Dark (Killer of Evil Book 1)

Welcome, everyone, to a new week filled with awesome fantasy.  It’s been a little while, and just as well, because it’s been busy outside of the Otherworld.  Today though, we’re balancing busyness with excitement, because we are about to go back into worlds both strange and impressive.  It’s going to be a fantastic week, so buckle up.  Our first stop, takes us to a world of assassins and shadowy ambitions.  This is Law of Dark.

Author Dmitry Ignatov is a lover of superhero fantasies, but he’s taken the passion for the genre and flipped it on its head, leaning more into gritty realism and many more layers of depth than you would typically see of those champions.  He brings to life a new set of tenebrous heroes and villains—with all the shades between—in his debut urban fantasy, Law of Dark (Killer of Evil Book 1).  Ignatov, a native of Russia, has a cunning poetry to his prose, and he wraps his interesting characters with layers and layers of his story.  Around every darkened corner there is more to learn and discover, and those uncovered secrets will have readers furiously flipping through pages.

An adventurous serial killer and a vengeful detective have been working tirelessly for many years now to fulfill their dreams, cleansing the world of representatives of whoredom and crime respectively. That is, until both crusades have to stop for an uncertain time when fate unexpectedly collides.

But the stakes arise to the level of Flade and Dyler’s ambitions, when right in the middle of their mental and physical standoff the fateful game welcomes new players. A woman, seemingly flawless in every way, Rain, is eager to recruit the emperor’s murderous son for her community of hired assassins. An unstoppable arcane caster and mind-reader, Chrono, is capable of revealing any dark secrets anyone else is carrying. Only the mysterious leader of the syndicate stands above him in rank, and has absorbed the most dangerous criminals from around the world.

War is unfolding, but it will be the cunning, those with the power of beliefs, and the fortune of achieving their goal with brute force of blades, arrows and magic who will prevail. The conflict will make everyone a subject to severe testing and rethinking. Or it will kill them.

Ignatov explores a world here that has more shadow than light, with all the dreariness of a contemporary fantasy set in a darkened cityscape.  Yet, beyond the torchlight, he sets to life a world full of possibility, just waiting to be further explored.  Readers will no doubt be intrigued by not just the revelations of one unearthed secret or the next, but the mentions of what else this world has to offer, and what is left to be explored.  With another book in the two-part series still on the way, there’s no better time than now to pick up Ignatov’s debut.  Check out Law of Dark (Killer of Evil Book 1) on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.