Merge Dungeon Art – Arena Orcs, Minotaurs, Kobolds, and Kajas

Hey there!  A couple of weeks ago, we started looking at a new feature in our art series, when we looked at some of the “generic” heroes who you’ll fight in the arena of Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon.  Last time around, we looked at some of the more prominent races on the good side—the dwarves, elves and gnomes.  This time around, we’re going a bit more fantastical, as we dive into four new races, and the generic heroes that we used to represent them in the game.  Below, you’ll see some new characters who you’ll have to keep out of your dungeon!

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We’re starting off today by looking at some of Tellest’s orcs.  As I mentioned last time around, the big concern was making sure that the adventurers got a lot of mileage, since you were going to see the same heroes again and again.  With that in mind, Sergei gave us a few different versions of the orc warrior, and here you’ll see the orc is probably the most varied out of all of the heroes we get.  That’s because not only does their outfit change, but so does their weapon.  Beyond that, even their skin color changes.  And beyond that, there were several different styles of face paint we could play with!  The orcs ended up feeling very personable, and are some of my favorite of all the “generic” adventurers.


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Next up we’ve got some of Tellest’s minotaurs.  One of the challenges we had in a lot of these generic sets was making sure that we evoked the idea that these adventurers could be different people.  It’s challenging to do when you can see the character’s face, which is why you see a lot of coverings.  In this case, our minotaur warriors wear hoods over their heads and horns, which ended up looking awesome.  The minotaurs have some of the biggest weapons in the game, either a large axe, or a spiked club.

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After that, we move onto our kobolds.  Our anthropomorphic canines are some of the most varied people when it comes to race, but we’re kind of restricted by our budget and the size of the game, so this kobold cleric is more standardized, kind of like a Finnish Spitz or a Shiba Inu.  They’re also the brightest-colored adventures, with a range of pastel colors that you’ll see, which sits atop fur color that can be changed as well.  Sergei even made sure to capture their whiskers!

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Finally, we’ll look at the most petite of these four sets, the kaja.  The kaja rogues have varying outfits (including their scarves), fur colors, and weapons, though only one of them wields the rare crossbow.  The kaja have a very flowy presentation compared to a lot of other adventurers.  Their scarves draw back, their cloaks billow, and their tail sways—sometimes a bad sign that some of our cat owners might be aware of!

So that’s it for now, but we do still have more coming at you on the other side of Halloween (after a new, non-QQ art piece from Dennis Van Kessel).  We actually still have three more sets of these generic heroes before we start looking at how Sergei captured our named heroes from the tabletop game.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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