Urban Fantasy Promo – Rebirth of Blood: Jessica Dyer Files Book 1

Greetings travelers!  Welcome to another great week full of Otherworldly goodness.  It’s been a little while, but the wait will certainly have been worth it.  Today, we’re going to be looking at a thrilling new urban fantasy debut that will be a great, brisk read to take you into the weekend.  Read on to learn more about Rebirth of Blood.

D. A McCormick’s loves for books extends beyond merely reading them.  With his enthralling urban fantasy debut, Rebirth of Blood: Jessica Dyer Files Book 1, he weaves his passion into an interesting and provocative story that won’t soon be forgotten.   First and foremost, the author’s characters—even the nefarious ones—are ones you want to spend more time with, to learn about, and to watch evolve.  Evolution is a key feature in this tale as well, because McCormick manages to do some very interesting things with tried-and-true fantasy fare.

Mythical Creatures, a Supernatural Agency, and an Insidious Plot

When Jessica Dyer went on a trip with her father, she never imagined it would be the last time she would see him alive—or that it would be her final day as a human.  She soon realized that the bus crash that took his life was no accident.

The sadistic and malicious Jeremiah Hind has been experimenting on humans, merging their DNA with that of supernatural beings: shapeshifters, dragons, werewolves, and more, all in an attempt to engineer a mythological super-soldier.  After successfully sabotaging their bus and kidnapping Jessica, Jeremiah plans to make her his next unwitting test subject.

Meanwhile, the Paranormal Investigation Agency has caught wind of Jeremiah’s grievous plans and is prepared to take him down. But it’s too late for Jessica.  She’s become the first of her kind, with powers not seen in centuries.  With Jeremiah behind bars, the experiments have finally stopped…or have they?

With a plot beats that stretch further than are anticipated, Rebirth offers up an exciting premise that’s worthy of further exploration.  Readers will find that McCormick’s story covers a lot of ground in a quick and compelling read, setting the stage for the greater revelations yet to come.  But there’s no need to wait for the author’s sophomore release, as this first book stands well enough on its own.  Check out Rebirth of Blood: Jessica Dyer Files Book 1 on Amazon today!

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