LitRPG Promo – Third Path of Creation Book 1 – Traveler’s Journey: An Omniverse Series

Greetings, travelers!  We’re starting the week off with a bang, and jumping into the Otherworld by way of an interesting LitRPG that has more than a few narrative threads that stitch it into more traditional contemporary fantasy.  If you like the idea of these two subgenres blending together more closely than ever, read on to learn more about Third Path of Creation Book 1 – Traveler’s Journey: An Omniverse Series.

Author ItalianDragon marks an impressive debut with Third Path of Creation Book 1 – Traveler’s Journey: An Omniverse Series., a LitRPG that shows the care and passion that is crafted into this promising shared universe.  From a character whose growth is exponential and exciting, to the minutiae of the stat blocks and the abilities that they have, ItalianDragon was intent on delivering an entertaining and focused experience for their readers.  Because the Omniverse that is being developed is such a foundational part of what the author is building, they spent just the right amount of time on worldbuilding, demonstrating that there is considerable lore and backstory at play.  Meanwhile, the narrative is almost conversational, as James explains the part he has to play in the cosmic tapestry.

Do you love dragons? How about LitRPG books? Do you like isekai? How about an OP MC who uses a combination of book smarts and life experience to solve problems? How about powerful allies and supporting characters who build each other up instead of acting like frenemies? How about random nerd humor and cultural references? If so then join me on a journey into a new series, one that is part of an Omniverse that will begin to unfold.

Join James on his journey as he decides to go looking for his friend who vanished for an unknown reason during one of their guild’s raid nights. In his search, he is ripped mind, body, and soul from Earth and brought to a place that is the Nexus of all thoughts and realities. Oddly enough this place is based on Role Playing Game (RPG) mechanics. In the process of being brought to this nexus, he must survive traveling through the Sea of Chaos, that which is between all realities. Those that survive gain new or hidden abilities that help them survive or thrive on the other side. Taking on his gamer moniker, Deathwalker, he must adapt quickly to this alien fantasy world and hopefully one day find his lost friend. Can Deathwalker find a way to thrive in this new life as he takes his first steps along the Traveler’s Journey?

LitRPGs are supposed to feel a bit like wish fulfillment, and in that regard, Traveler’s Journey does nothing to disappoint.  James, now Deathwalker after his immersion into this new world, is clever, funny, and powerful—all the things that people long to be.  And the book will appeal to those who enjoy the fantasy elements as much as the gaming experience.  It reads quick, with a flow that helps readers race to the finish line.  With a whole shared universe that seems poised to follow, now is a fantastic time to see what ItalianDragon has to offer.  Check out Third Path of Creation Book 1 – Traveler’s Journey: An Omniverse Series on Amazon today!  An audiobook for the story also just released.

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Michael DeAngelo

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