Fantasy Promo – Bridge of Blood and Thorns: The Isdralan Chronicles

Greetings, travelers.  This week has been a wonderful one for reconnecting with our old favorites, and that thread follows through into our last promotion for the week, where we rejoin Beth Connor in her magical and wonderful world of Isdralan.  We’ve already had exciting times there, but as always, there are secrets in store in Connor’s books.  Read on to learn more about her latest, Bridge of Blood and Thorns.

Beth Connor has a penchant for telling captivating stories, and there is no exception to that for her newest release, Bridge of Blood and Thorns: The Isdralan Chronicles.  She does that primarily by having casts of characters that readers want to spend time with.  They feel rich and dynamic, as though they’ve lived a whole life, have goals and dreams, and are multidimensional, rather than just a name on a page that is working at the behest of the storyteller.  That these characters are able to come together and coalesce within an intriguing world that benefits from the same forethought is a tremendous boon, and demonstrates the care that the author has for all she creates.

In the heart of a kingdom fraught with intrigue and shadowed by dark secrets, “Bridge of Blood and Thorns” tells the gripping tale of the Baroness.

Following her husband’s mysterious illness, Lady Durya Barclay-Conwin confronts a world where alliances shift like sand, and loyalty is as rare as truth. This novel masterfully blends epic fantasy with political drama and self discovery, offering a story of courage, cunning, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Enter a world where every decision could be a step toward triumph or a dance with danger. Perfect for fans of fantasy and intricate storytelling, this book promises a journey filled with heart-pounding action, deep moral quandaries, and the indomitable spirit of a woman. Join Lady Durya as she battles not just for her title, but for her soul.

For those who are just discovering Beth Connor, the author elevates her role far beyond what it typically entails.  Even calling her a worldbuilder feels a bit understated, as she is developing a sort of literary universe that is very open and welcoming.  She’s invited other authors to assist her in creating catching and immersive experiences, and as the architect headlining everything, she has a keen eye for quality and always demonstrates a care for everything Isdralan.  That extends to this third book in the Isdralan chronicles, and it shows in the phenomenal writing, the wonderful characters, and the expressive world.  Do yourself a favor and,    And when you’re done, be sure to check out Bridge of Blood and Thorns: The Isdralan Chronicles on Amazon today!

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