Character Concept Art – Peritas Pikeman

Greetings, travelers.  Well, we’re keeping up with things related to TowerSphere it seems, because we have a very special TS treat for you today.  When we’re usually working on our games, our go-to artist is Sergei.  He helped us bring Quantum Quest to life, but TS is decidedly different in its presentation.  Whereas QQ is styled to look like retro games from the 90’s, TowerSphere is meant to be more in line with realistic art.  Luckily, Sergei can do it all!

While we’ve been working on some of the legendary characters from Tellest who just so happen to play TowerSphere, there are a gamut of other players and contenders who are a little less renowned.  They might find their chance to shine a little bit later, but it just so happens that now they’re not quite able to—usually—contend with the heroes of Tellest.  Of course, a good team leader can bring out the best in people, so never discount one of these contenders who have no name beyond their description.

Today’s contender is the Peritas Pikeman.  This bit of art gave us the opportunity to finally see the Peritas sigil applied to a character, and Sergei made it look awesome.  You don’t quite see it in the black and white sketch, but it certainly begins to show up later.  Instead, Sergei demonstrates where he aims to go with this character: someone with extra reach, who can attack other players and sphere-holders from afar.

With a tiny smidge more detail, you can see that the shape of things mostly stayed the same, but you can begin to see the details of where things will fit a bit better.  I love the sketch layer, but this slight detail shift helps to bring the concept to bear much more.

Sergei tossed us the detailed version next, and though we started with black and white, you could still see tremendous layers of polish placed on the Peritas Pikeman.  Before, everything just seemed like a promise of what could be created.  But here, Sergei absolutely delivers.  And this is without the color added to the mix!

Once we did have the color dropped down onto the picture, everything popped that much more.  While you could see faint traces of the Peritas serpent earlier, it really stands out here.  It all came together very nicely, and just like that, Sergei established himself as another great artist to have on hand for our newest project!

He even gave us an awesome background to throw our pikeman into, and it even had me thinking of stories that I could inject him into.  He’s not that far away from where Kelvin Drakos is learning how to be the Silver Serpent, after all…

That will wrap us up for today, but Sergei had a few other TowerSphere characters that he created for us, so we’ll be poking around at them in the weeks and months to come!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.