Great Library of Atalatha

General description


The Great Library is a tremendous building within the city of Atalatha.  It sits at the end of the northernmost road, adjacent to both the Museum of Wonders and the Great Cathedral.



When Atalatha was being built, the Knights of Virtue were given the means to create lasting legacies within the city.  Richard Lener, the eldest of the knights, is the only one to personally supervise the building and maintenance of two of the edifices.

Lener’s passion had always been his cathedral, a temple to what he calls “one true God.”  However, because he is so singular in his belief, the cathedral stands as nothing but a monument to what many people see as veiled lunacy.

Because of the lack of concern for his cathedral, Lener also focused much of his energy on the Great Library of Atalatha.  Due much in part to the high number of citizens, the library is one of the country’s most popular research and entertainment spots.


Physical Description

The Great Library is one of Atalatha’s larger buildings.  It stands two stories high, but it is quite wide, with a wing that spreads wide from all four corners.

Inside, a set of spiraling staircases leads to the second floor.  The roof is comprised of thick glass, letting natural light spill into the building.  Marble benches and wooden tables populate many of the wings, and bookcases line the entirety of the perimeter, except for the doors.


Selected Works

Among the many books available in the Great Library, perhaps the most numerous are those penned by Lener himself.  He’s deliberated through a multitude of books on his faith, as well as historical references, including that of Batrura, Romus and Semia’Laz and Roark.  Most of his work is contained in the history of Raleigh, though occasionally, he has performed research for Enarice in Tarson, where demons are said to have found a portal to the world of the living.

Another author who is widely renowned whose work is available in the Great Library is Gaston Camlann.  Many of his writings on magic have found their way to the shelves of the library, although he has never personally been there.

Even other races have their materials within the place.  The orc philosopher Sol’bek has one of his earliest works, A Treatise of Orc and Man signed in the foyer area of the Great Library.


A Deep Secret

Some of the people who spend time at the Great Library have noticed noises coming from below the floor, and have seen people disappear, as if from thin air.  Typically, these absences occur late at night, although no one has been able to substantiate such wild claims.  

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