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For a limited time, you can get three incredible Tellest books absolutely free.  Today, December 16th, and tomorrow, December 17th, The Bindings of Fate, Dragonspeaker, and Silver Serpent will all be free as a thank you for the folks that participated in our holiday contest this year.  Look below for the descriptions of the books and the links to their sale pages on Amazon.

The Bindings of Fate

Heroes Will Rise. Cities Will Fall.

The realm of Tellest is filled with bloodlust, greed and violence. Long has the world been thrust into turmoil, driven by the insatiable urge of man’s conquest, and whatever rewards can be earned from the end of a blade. Spells and rituals meet with bow and sword in an endless battle that will see those who are strong enough standing atop thsoe that have fallen.

Kaos Kreegan is a man haunted by memories of the past. To survive in the harsh world that evolves around him, he needs to rely on his wits and his friends to bring evil to justice, and avenge the wrongs that have been done to him. Along the way, he will discover that Tellest carries many surprises – and so does he.

When his parents are murdered at the hands of a dark power, Kaos determines to find the evil and snuff it out. But he soon learns that sinister forces from the north are setting to bear down on the city that he calls home. In this novel of epic fantasy, it is up to he and his allies to make a stand, no matter the cost.

Get it free through Monday.



Kaiyonani knows what it’s like to be a cat of the Kehara desert. The harsh sands around her tribe’s oasis are hot and savage, and there are enemies abound throughout the region. The one thing her people had to rely on was their fierce dragon ally, Iraneth.

But now, the dragon is dead.

Kaiyonani’s grandfather fulfilled the role of dragonspeaker. It is a title that is passed down from one kaja to the next, though it usually changes hands because a mortal has died—not one of the majestic winged creatures they call friend. The next dragonspeaker has been named, and to everyone’s surprise, it is Kaiyonani who is destined to take up the mantle. She must venture across the desert, to lands unknown in order to make the bond with her own dragon companion,

But can she survive the cruel wilderness and dangerous creatures that call Saveon and the Kehara Desert home?

Get it free through Monday.


Silver Serpent

Everything is about to change.

There is a legend in the archipelago of Ippius known as The Silver Serpent: a vigilante who protects the country and the surrounding islands. The legend is very real—a symbol of justice in Argos, but also a hero who remains in the shadows until whenever they are needed. The Silver Serpent protects those who cannot protect themselves, and prevents evil from going forth unchecked.

But who protects the Silver Serpent when she can’t protect herself? When the vigilante is injured, it falls to her young ally to step forward and fight to achieve everything the hero stands for. He doesn’t understand the depth of that mission until he a phenomenon washes over his city, turning ordinary citizens into people with real power. It is up to him to do what he can to keep Argos safe, whatever the cost.

Get it free through Monday.

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.