Anime Art – Venathryn

Hello there everyone, and welcome back to the art gallery.  I’m your host, Michael DeAngelo, once again showing off the exploits of people who are way more talented than me.

Today, we’re revisiting one of our newer collaborators.  Enenaniki has completely reinvented the way that we see our characters, since we get to see them in an anime style that, honestly I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to see!  Today, we’re seeing the lead of Awake, and the supporting character in the upcoming sequel, Arise.  Let’s see how Enenaniki did with Venathryn.

First up, a black and white version of the character.  You can see that he preserved her finesse with a bow for sure.  Let’s look at her with a coat of fresh paint though, shall we?

Even as an adorable anime character, you can tell Venathryn means business.  I love all the subtle nuances of her outfit, and the bow is pretty badass as well.  Thanks once again to Enenaniki for their hard work!

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