Fantasy Short Story Promo – A Little Accident: Adult Fantasy Humour (Season’s War)

Hello folks, and welcome to another trip through the Otherworld.  We’ve got a small stop to make today, but it’s a wonderful little one that I know you’ll enjoy, especially if you’re a fan of magical education and the little whoopsies that aspiring spellcasters can make.  Read on to learn more about the short story, A Little Accident.

Olena Nikitin has an entire world at their disposal, with the first feature length story in the series, Autumn Chaos, nearly upon us.  Tiding us over is the entertaining short, A Little Accident: Adult Fantasy Humour (Season’s War), which is playful in its lechery and witty dialog.  If nothing else, Nikitin had a good time writing this tale, and it transfers over to their readers as well, as there’s no doubt a good time to be had with this bite-sized story.  It’s a fun story about different magic, and how it comes to be in the world that is being built here.  And though we only spend a brief amount of time with Ina, it’s certainly enough to grow to like her, and to want to find more about her.

No good deeds can go unpunished, especially if you have Chaos magic in your domain.

But even Ina, whose accidents become the fables that mothers used to scare their children, could not foresee what happened when her unique magic touched the common frog.

A short story, the prequel to Season’s War series.

All in all, this first release from Nikitin demonstrates fun, mischievous writing with a dash of humor in all the right places, and hints at their great stories yet to come.  Although it’s self-contained enough and painted with wonderful little brushstrokes that show all the detail that a good tale should, it’s part of a grander masterpiece, and you can see little bits of the broader world shining through.  While you’re waiting for Autumn Chaos, it is a great time to pick up this little prequel.  Check out A Little Accident: Adult Fantasy Humour (Season’s War) on Amazon today!

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