Fantasy Promo – To the End: Marked Book One

Greetings, Otherworld travelers, and welcome back to a new week filled with promise and possibilities.  I always feel like starting a week with a fantasy is a great sign that the rest of the week is going to be amazing as well, and we’re starting off strong indeed, with a visit to a debut that blends fantasy with real life in some ways.  Read on to learn more about To the End.

Nicole Green, author of the debut fantasy, To the End: Marked Book One, has gone off to a great start indeed.  She likes to play with cadence and language, and her story often has a poetic feel to it, which lends to that otherworldly sensation while reading.  Green builds a world ripe with attention to detail, and a ton of potential for more to explore.  Along with the fantastic, she also tackles real-world issues through a fantasy lens, looking at things like troubled home situations, issues with race, and more.

Tamynaen Jacob is no ordinary half elf, even by Astyerian’s standards. Born in the Dead Lands of the largest port city in Astȅndre, TJ has been left with the task of raising himself and his little sister’s – which isn’t easy with the challenging caste system, addict mother, and his own inner demons running rampant in his life.

That’s all before the night he dies and his disbelief in the gods is altered forever.

What TJ doesn’t know is the Gods have been playing a game since before his world was created. As one round ends, another begins, and TJ is the prize. The only question is how long can the winner hold him?

Though Green set lofty goals for herself, nothing is out of her reach, and she manages to weave together a complex tapestry that entertains without being overbearing, and teaches without being preachy.  Her characters are interesting to follow about as they find their way, and easy to sympathize with.  And of course, there are incredible surprises along the way.  With luck, readers will be surprised with more stories from Green sooner rather than later.  Check out To The End, Marked Book One on Amazon today.  You can also find it in hardcover, here.

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Michael DeAngelo

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