Fantasy Promo – Daylen of Brunhylde: A Tale of FéLorën

Greetings Otherworld travelers.  I’ve got a treat for you today to take you into the weekend.  You know that I enjoy stories that take place in vast and expanding worlds, and I happened one recently that will really take your breath away.  It doesn’t hurt that the author has such a wonderful visualization of it either.  But enough chattering.  Read on to learn more about the first tale of FéLorën.

Galemine Gremn is an author who knows what he wants in his stories.  For Daylen of Brunhylde: A Tale of FéLorën, it’s not just a wonderfully crafted tale—it’s a world that the author can see all the way to its horizon.  It’s an epic story that reads swiftly, even while the reader can slow to appreciate the world that Gremn has woven together.  The author is devoted to FéLorën, serving as not just its talespinner, but also its illustrator.  It is, therefore, fitting that he writes characters who are committed to tasks and virtuous as well, and who are pleasant to follow to boot.  Daylen of Brunhylde will appeal to epic fantasy readers who want to escape into a world of imagination and majesty, which is carefully balanced.  It’s playful when the time is right, and solemn when it needs to be.

To be born a wizard is to be born into a life of servitude, to be a pawn under a king’s control. Daylen has chosen otherwise, to live as a rogue wizard. However, a life of freedom will come at a heavy price. History has shown he is destined to live a life in hiding, to be forever on the run, and to have his life cut short at the hands of a Mageslayer. Perhaps the worst outcome of all, is the likelihood that he would never realize his full potential; as a wizard, or simply feel at home in the world.

Unbeknownst to Daylen, Fate has other plans. Whispers of a long forgotten path and the opportunity for awakening will reveal itself. The way will be arduous. The sacrifice will be extraordinary, but it is the only way to unlock his full, mystical potential. It is the way of virtue, the way to awakening… the way of FéLorën.

Gremn is developing a world of incredible potential, and this first book will only scratch at the surface of the property.  And multitalented as Gremn is, he’s able to visualize the world in the long term, with books, illustrations and games.  Those who choose to immerse themselves in all of it are in for a sizable treat.  But it all starts here, with this book.  It’s a great time to start the ride, so be sure to join Daylen on his quest.  Check out Daylen of Brunhylde: A Tale of FéLorën on Amazon today!

As of September 5th, Galemine Gremn was able to bring FéLorën to life in even greater ways, as the FéLorën website is now online.  Check it out when you get a chance, as it shows you the lore of the world, beautiful art, and insight into the author!  As of September 7th, he’s even posted the first ambient music track on his site, which you can listen to while you read the book.

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