Fantasy Promo – The Javelin of Ragnar: The Rystarr Saga – The Weapons of Power Book 2

Greetings travelers, and welcome to a glorious new day full of promise and potential.  We’re so happy to step back into a familiar world today, as we’re going to once again be dropping into Rystarr, the world of sibling authors J.R. and J.R. Thorpe.  It’s been a while since we’ve shared our promotion of the first book, so be sure to check out our write-up of The Arbalest of Gamaliel.  But in the meantime, let’s dive into more details about The Javelin of Ragnar.

With the second book of their Rystarr Saga, The Javelin of Ragnar, authors J.R. Thorpe and J.R. Thorpe are poised to explore their world to greater details, and to raise the stakes even higher than in the debut.  Having already cast a wonderful ensemble of refreshing characters, and establishing the ground rules of the world, the authors are free to peel back the layers of the story, inching readers ever closer to The Bursting, one of the great events that is due to occur in Rystarr.  There is magic abound here in the sophomore tale, as everything is carefully blended to great effect.  Nothing feels heavy-handed or undercooked.  Having two overseers of this growing saga ensures that the best of fantasy is present here, a captivating story wrapped within in an immersive tale which grips hold of readers and doesn’t let go.

The fate of Rystarr hangs in the balance as The Bursting draws nearer. Joined by unlikely allies, the heroes travel east, towards the Ellarian Sea in an effort to retrieve the second weapon, located on the mysterious Moving Island of Aradeen.

Skies turn red and the seas rage as quakes rumble across the land, leaving large apertures in their wake. Knowing the demigods grow in power daily, Arrôz attempts to stay one step ahead of them, all the while gathering more allies.

While one begins to remember pieces that have been locked away for centuries, a life changing secret is revealed to another, dating as far back to the weapons’ creation. As they suffer through hostility, bitterness, and heartbreak, can the immortals put it all aside and continue their quest, united?

It could be easy to lose yourself in the many directions you could travel in the Thorpe siblings’ expansive and detailed world.  Layers upon layers of lore and mythology exist not just to steer the characters forward, but to give Rystarr a richness and lived-in feeling that calls forth to readers like a siren song.  But the authors have developed a story with just as much pull, just as much enchantment, holding attention enough that the mysteries of Rystarr remain—perhaps paths to explore in greater detail at another time.  A fourth book has been announced, meaning that fans of sweeping, epic fantasy can find even more enjoyment out of this growing saga.  And there’s never been a better time than now to dive in.  Check out The Javelin of Ragnar: The Rystarr Saga – The Weapons of Power Book 2 on Amazon today!
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