Fantasy Promo – The Trials of Knights (The Heroes of Lotine Book 1)

Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to a journey into a new great story.  Today we’re going to be looking at the world of Lotine, a place with many surprises and danger that could lurk around every corner.  If this sounds like the kind of fantasy story for you, you’re in luck.  Read on to learn more about The Trials of Knights.

Author Horace Whitehouse hits the ground running with his debut fantasy, The Trials of Knights (The Heroes of Lotine Book 1).  He gets right to the point, demonstrating that his lead characters are capable of surviving within the harsh world.  Lotine is a realm where such things are not always promised to those who live in it, and Whitehouse paints his tale with shades of grey to let his readers know that anything could happen—any fate could befall the people of Lotine, even the main characters.  Though the world is detailed and vast, readers will keep coming back to the characters as the driving force in this tale.  The relationships that develop are strong and enticing, and you’re always left wondering what might transpire between them in the future.

When Tarimev Riswaell is forced out of the life of farming that he is used to, his only choice is to pursue the career he dreamed of as a child. In the city of Alerill, he begins training as a Knight of Worthervir and meets his training partner, Torvald Storheam. His new home offers him great opportunities, challenges, and friendship. The two men forge a strong bond, but when Torvald is promoted, they must part ways.

Torvald gains responsibilities beyond his wildest dreams when he meets the Princess of Worthervir and he will need all of his skills and determination to survive in the tasks he faces. Tarimev is not so lucky. He makes a grave mistake when he discovers an opportunity for revenge—against the very man who took everything from him. With the threat of disgrace over his head, the only way to clear his name is through a dangerous mission that he may never return from. It is through this mission that he discovers the world of Lotine is in more danger than anybody knew…

Join Tarimev and Torvald as they encounter intrigue, danger, and love. They are both young men with their whole lives ahead of them, but fate will lead them down different paths than they ever expected. The choices they make will change all of Lotine forever, or destroy it!

Consequence is another big point that Whitehouse makes throughout the tale.  Every choice plants a seed, and that seed can either blossom into something beautiful, or something gnarled and dark, decaying and withering, and leaving a pox upon Lotine. Still, amongst the dreary trials the heroes face, there are yet reasons to hope, and to look toward the sun with dreams of a glimmering future.  With another book on the horizon featuring the survivors of Whitehouse’s first tale, there’s never been a better time to dive into his work, and see if it captivates you.  Check out The Trials of Knights (The Heroes of Lotine Book 1) on Amazon today!

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