Urban Fantasy Promo – S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce

Greetings Otherworld fans.  I have an incredible treat for you today that you won’t be able to get enough of.  That’s because I’m introducing you to not just one book, but an entire catalog of nineteen stellar young adult adventures that are coming to a close, meaning there’s no better time to move than now.  Read on to learn more about the latest in this series, S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce.

Not merely the culmination of four books, but of nineteen, bringing together heroes from multiple stories, S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce, is the perfect book for young adults and older ones alike.  Author Jill Marshall has been hard at work for years, developing her incredibly well-received coming-of-age tales that are not to be missed.  After nineteen books, the curtains are set to fall one last time, and as such Marshall has given Soulforce her all.  The first thing you’ll notice when you read any of the author’s stories is that she has plucky, charming characters.  Bringing them all together for the S*W*A*G*G series is a no-brainer, and gives it an Avengers-level quality.  The crossovers are as entertaining as they are magical, and this subset of the greater franchise can be read on its own before you read about the origin stories—it’s all entertaining, no matter where you start.

Darkness is spreading. Gideon Flynn, leader of SWAGG, is rapidly becoming more shadow than light.

And it’s not just Flynn. Destructive energies are rippling across the planet, causing rifts in families, continents, even the earth itself.

As super-scientist Stein, along with his old friend Frank and his new SWAGG team, races to find a way to bring Gideon back from the Shadows, they realise that Flynn was always secretive for a reason.

He knows something. He knows what’s coming. And he knows how to stop it. If SWAGG can’t bring him back before he disappears into darkness forever, it’s going to be too late… For everyone.

SOULFORCE is the final instalment of the S.W.A.G.G series and the last in an incredible 19-book franchise by best-selling author, Jill Marshall. Check out the full SW.A.G.G series and the rest of Jill’s books at jillmarshall.com, and keep up to date with the world of S.W.A.G.G on SWAGGBooks by Jill Marshall on Facebook.

Putting her characters in oddball situations is part of the appeal for Marshall’s stories, and this one takes the cake, elevating the thrills and the action to new levels.  As this final chapter comes to a close, there’s never been a better time to check out this amazing franchise that Marshall has created.  Fans who move now might even be able to finish the sizable series before it hits the silver screen or smaller ones—Marshall’s universe has been optioned for TV and film!  So what are you waiting for?  Check out S*W*A*G*G 4: Soulforce on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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