Fantasy Promo – Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore

Hello friends, and welcome to our final promotion of the week, and our return to one of our favorite realms in the Otherworld.  We’ve worked with author C. J. R. Isely in the past, and it’s always a joy and an honor to return to her world.  Today, we’re diving into Shadow of the Sword, a tale set in her Alamore series.

Life around Alamore is not without its darkness, but author C. J. R. Isely finds enough to put a squire through the ringer in Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore.  That darkness is not without reason, as it helps to tell the story of how the squire made of himself a knight of the king’s court.  Laster has been a mainstay in the main universe in which Isley writes, the William of Alamore series.  But to see his origins here adds new depth to the character, making it easier than ever to appreciate his personality, mannerisms and concept of loyalty and duty.  It doesn’t just expand on him as a person, but carves out more of the world as well, adding layers of richness and backstory to an already exciting literary universe.

Captured and bound for death. The only way to escape?

Trust the very Prince who imprisoned him.

In his final year of training as a squire, it seems nothing can go wrong for Laster.

He’s trained for six years to become a knight of Alamore and make his father proud. Now only three months separate him and the moment he’s dreamed of for years. But his perfect image of knighthood is shattered by a single deadly ride. Captured by the Prince of a rival Kingdom, Laster must face a reality that he may not live to become a knight.

And if he is to live – it means making a deal with the enemy.

Though Shadow of the Sword is a prequel story, it reads like its own little epic, and Isely’s passion for her work and her world is apparent on every page.  That translates very well into real and sometimes raw emotion that comes through its characters.  It’s not easy to draw out worries with characters you know survive until later, but Isely shows that there are still stakes, even if death is not part of the picture.  With this latest tale, the author has once again shown why she is a master of the craft, and why she should be one of the fantasy authors readers follow.  With a world that just keeps growing, it’s a great time to dive in to this literary universe.  Check out Shadow of the Sword: A Tale of Alamore on Amazon today.  And don’t forget to check out the Audible version as well!

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