Fantasy Promo – Endless Sacrifice: Volume 1

Hello there!  Welcome to a new day filled with promise and possibilities.  Today we’re going to be taking a look at a traditional fantasy that’s got a little bit of grit and grime to it.  Read on to learn more about Endless Sacrifice.

The Enigmatically named O.A. H proves that you can do a lot with a little in their wonderful fantasy debut.  Endless Sacrifice: Volume 1 is an  entertaining and thought-provoking look at the world they are building, set within a novella that moves forth at a quick and consistent pace.  The action is mature without being over the top, and it is entertaining to see characters come together as the story progresses.  The author blends in wonderfully uncomfortable and worrisome moments that you can’t help but read through to see how it all ends.

Dive into this poignant and intense journey alongside a young unwilling heir and his childhood companion.

Discover a tumultuous kingdom ruled by fear and blind obedience in which a few sprouts of compassion are attempting to endure.

This short first volume will paint the stage of Lex’s journey in vivid strokes of loss and wit.

Join me and let me tell you the story of how he met the tiger cub that became his sister, and how their fates will take them on a cruel and thorny path.

The first volume of Endless Sacrifice is a brisk read that will leave you wanting more, as O.A. H shows a lot of promise, and their debut fantasy still has gas in the tank, with plenty left to explore.  There’s a whole world here that has only seen its surface scratched, and that could very well lead to an epic future for it and its characters.  While readers wait to see what new work the author comes up with next, it’s a great time to pick up the first book in what is bound to become an entertaining series.  And, from now until the end of the weekend, you can get this awesome story absolutely free.  Check out Endless Sacrifice: Volume 1 on Amazon today!

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