Greetings Otherworld travelers, and welcome to another visit to amazing places in a busy week filled with exceptional adventures.  Today, we’re looking at a high fantasy world that is continuing to grow at an even pace, by an author who may just become a new favorite.  Read on to learn more about the world of Ddaear.

Author Michael Sauls recently released the second book in his fantasy saga, and it continues with all the great qualities of the first, while also expanding on the world in all the best ways.  His debut fantasy is CHRONICLES OF THE ROSE, which lays an impressive foundation.  Readers will be swept up by the storytelling, and will grow to enjoy spending time with the characters as they grow and change throughout the tale.  Sauls also does a great job crafting his world to feel like a real place that exists beyond the pages of a book.  The author does a great job with his dialog.  His characters are verbose, even loquacious at some points, but they’re a delight to listen to, and they help to fill in the gaps of some of the lore and history.

Thorne is a mercenary whose life of conflict changes when he journeys to the ocean and is taken by pirates. Xanfeer is a young prince who avoids the assassins chasing him by becoming a mercenary and traveling a perilous path. Lorena is a thief hired to enter a forbidden city to gather information. This is the story of several mercenaries hired to help find magical artifacts in the world of Ddaear.

It’s clear from the first page that Sauls takes his tasks quite seriously: he’s building a fully realized world filled with rich history, interesting characters, and entertaining realism.  Readers will enjoy the pace at which they watch revelations unfold, and they’ll have a great time with the characters as they pursue their adventures.  Before the final page is turned, you’ll no doubt be hungry for more.  While there is more in the catalog of this saga, the best place to start, of course, is the beginning. Check out CHRONICLES OF THE ROSE on Amazon today!
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