Fantasy Promo – Aurelia and the Enemies of Pity

Hello there Otherworld travelers.  You know, we spend a lot of time jumping from one world to the next, and while it can be exciting to explore new kingdoms and cities and planes of existence, sometimes there’s something very satisfying about returning to a tried and true place along our journey.  Today, we’re taking another look at a book that we looked at back in early July.  It’s time for a second glance at Aurelia and the Enemies of Pity.

Author David Levine is a storyteller who places careful thought into his talespinning, ensuring that everything is described with the perfect level of detail and situated just as intended.  So it is in his debut fantasy, Aurelia and the Enemies of Pity.  The world he’s fashioned is filled with magic, mysticism and mystery.  Levine also develops characters and races of people who are interesting and curious, leaving readers with an itch that must be scratched.

Aurelia & The Enemies of Pity is the perfect book for fantasy fans and young adults who enjoy daydreaming about other lands and letting their thoughts take them on fascinating journeys!

So, prepare yourself for a spectacular, page-turning, and mind-blowing fantasy fiction novel that will take you on a one-of-a-kind trip filled with intense fights, amusing and swift dialogues, and vividly graphic imagery – precisely the way good fantasy fiction novels should be.

Enter a world where the author, David Levine, skillfully entangles the fates of his characters in a greater-than-themselves fantasy adventure plot, follow Aurelia’s story, and find out what it takes to turn the hero into a villain…

Feeling at once like a careful mesh of traditional fantasy, fairytale and even a bit like a contemporary fantasy, Levine’s story will have you unable to keep yourself from flipping from page to page.  Whether you’re interested in the spectacle of innate powers like elemental manipulation or shape-changing, or the intrigue of an uprising and a revolution, there’s something for everyone in this book.  Check out Aurelia and the Enemies of Pity on Amazon today!

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