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Greetings travelers, and welcome to another stop in the Otherworld.  Today we’re going to be talking about another world indeed—one that could exist beyond the veil of ours, and has interesting implications for what happens outside of what we know.  If you’re looking for your next favorite contemporary fantasy, read on to learn more about Worldtorn.

Author Britta Dewey has tremendous presence within the first few pages of her debut fantasy, Worldtorn.  This contemporary fantasy is set to be released in parts on the Kindle Vella platform, but you can tell immediately that the author has a sense of where her story needed to go from the very first sentence.  Connecting it all are captivating characters and beautiful prose, immersing readers in two worlds that are deep and rich in their presentation.  Most notably, Dewey has created a version of world-hopping here that feels fresh and exciting, keeping the focus on the entertaining cast of characters that she has developed.  Even without a world-threatening problem, it would be enough just to sit and learn from these people.

While on a family vacation in rural Wyoming, 17-year-old Eva Clark falls beneath the iced-over Snake River and drowns. Before her consciousness can fully rekindle in another world, paramedics revive her mortal body and she returns, aware of the paused immortal life she—and everyone else—will one day resume.

When she explodes the plumbing in her hospital bathroom, Eva discovers she has also returned with disastrously malfunctioning immortal abilities. Now she must mask and master her worsening condition or risk the safety of her chaotic but lovely mortal family and her best friend’s dreamy older brother—who unfortunately is her soulmate.

But when her abilities become increasingly dangerous and immortality looms closer than ever, Eva straddles the line between living the life she wants and accidentally destroying it.

There are some feelings of longing in Worldtorn, but there is a lightness there as well.  If nothing else, there is an immense expression of potential, in so many ways, and it transcends the story as the lead characters folds between worlds.  The story excites you in some strange and powerful ways, and somehow the waiting feels even more electric in this story.  Be on the lookout for more from this author, as they are going to keep you excited and interested throughout this adventure and beyond.  Check out Worldtorn, by Britta Dewey, on Amazon Vella today!

You can also visit the author’s website here.

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