Concept Art – Pendrich’s Helmet and the Veil of Mist

Once again, folks, we are back with a nice little grab bag of Azot’s work.  Last week we looked at items belonging to a couple of our heroes.  Today, we’re going to look at something that belongs to the darker, and sometimes inscrutable side of Tellest.


Pendrich’s Helmet

One of my favorite characters from the Child of the Stars trilogy was introduced in the second book.  Pendrich of Arex was this huge “dark knight” character who seemed like he could only possibly be a bad guy.  His outfit was a huge part of that.  He wore a raven-winged helmet that I couldn’t wait to see in art form.

Whaaaaat? There seemed to be a slight miscommunication. Azot definitely likes to do a stylized version of things, but this didn’t quite look like what I imagined The Raven’s helmet would be.  This looks cool for something like a knight in a tribal locale, but for our knight from the north…

There we go.  That looks much more the part.  It’s still got Azot’s signature stylistic flourishes, but it doesn’t look like a knight from the bayou anymore!

A splash of color made Pendrich’s helmet look even more badass.


The Veil of Mist

The Veil of Mist was going to be both an artifact and an upcoming book.  I was planning on writing that book during NaNoWriMo this year, but with Quantum Quest as my new big project, I felt it made more sense to write a story about that instead.  Still, the Veil of Mist exists, just outside of a book at this point.

Essentially a cloak of invisibility, the Veil of Mist is not a flawless item.  The garment owns its namesake, as there is a mist that rolls into the area when someone (or something) is draped in this.  Above, you’ll see a few of the different iterations we tried out.

We ended up liking this one the most.  It had a very runic magic feel, and it fit with what we imagined of the cloak better than the other three.



Well, that’s it for now, but you can be sure we’ll be back with more to show off in the next three weeks or so.  See you then!

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