City Sigil – Thunderfury Dwarves

Howdy folks.  We’re going to be doing things a little different today.  Technically it’s still a city sigil, but we’re actually showing off the heraldry of Clan Thunderfury.  These dwarves from the Son of the Storm books are only featured in that little particular part of the world so far, but they’re sure to grow in popularity as we build the stories in that area.  As such, it’s time to look at what their sigil is.

The Thunderfury Dwarves embrace their history by adopting the hammer as their sigil.  Clan Thunderfury’s leader was known for his hammer, and even has it held high in the statue that straddles both sides of the Goldenscale Cliffs that they call home.  What better symbol to carry into battle or drape around their home?

I feel like there’s no better sigil made for the metallic cloth than the Thunderfury Dwarves.  That silver gradient just pops!

If you want a more reserved look, though, we have the plain cloth variety here.  This is the reddest that the background looks for this set.

Jumping from there, we have the chipped paint version of the piece.  Here it almost looks like a tile that could have been set in place in front of a clan member’s house.  Solidarity is a big point for the dwarves!

Once again though, we land on my favorite of the bunch!  This painted version just pops for me.  It’s crude, but it feels accurate for the time.  I can imagine a gathering of dwarves for a special event, and some of the more mischievous dwarves from Clan Thunderfury paint this symbol here and there.

Bonus: Of course, I can’t go without showing off the phone screen version of this piece!

See you in a few weeks with the final piece from this set!

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