Children’s Fantasy Promo – Jala and the Wolves

We don’t get a lot of children’s fantasy on Tellest, but I’m more than willing to accommodate.  It’s stories like Marti Dumas’ Jala and the Wolves that spring that well of creativity in people when they’re young and take them down this path, where things like Tellest and all the other stories in the Otherworld are possible.

Dumas crafts an excellent story for kids and their parents which takes a girl and throws her into a mysterious world of wolves.  Her craft is definitely praised, as you can see by her ratings and reviews on Goodreads.



Have you ever dreamed of being a wolf? Jala has. And she thinks her magical mother has found a way to make her dream come true. Her mother won’t actually come right out and say she is magic. That’s not how magic works. But Jala knows magic when she sees it, so she is not a bit surprised when a mysterious mirror appears in her room one day. Like Alice’s looking glass, the mirror opens a portal to a new world. A world of wolves.


Dumas has gone all out for her story, including producing a cute little trailer for the book.

If you’re interested in Jala and the Wolves, check it out on Amazon and Goodreads.  If you want to know more about Dumas and her writing, don’t forget to visit her website.

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