Character Art – Venathryn

Hey there fantasy fans!  It’s been a little while since we had a piece by Barnswallow to show off, but I’m happy to say she’s back, we’re back, and Venathryn’s back.  She’s my favorite elf to write about, thanks to her sassy attitude and cool ability, and thanks to our handful of artists over the years, she’s easy on the eyes as well.

Barnswallow started us off with a sketch, and I’ve brightened it up a bit so you could see it.

And here you have the full-sized, full color version of the piece.  Side note: I love when you have a plain/gradient background like this, but the ground is a little more robust.  It reminds me of a well-put-together D&D mini.

Alright, that’s a real quick one for today, but we’ll see you again next week.  We’ve got another long lost artist we used to work with.  And you can be sure we’ll see work from Barnswallow again real soon!

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