Character Art – Darris Urza

Hello there everyone. It’s time to look back at one of our Quantum Quest characters who managed to gain a little bit of popularity thanks to being one of the big guys on the box cover. Darris Urza is a goblin warlock who also features into the upcoming Quantum Quest novella, so we’re really excited to show everyone what he looks like. Let’s see how Hozure brought him to life, shall we?

By this point, you’ve got to be pretty familiar with the process. Hozure started us off with a set of poses that we could choose from, and we went at it. Which one do you think we went with?

If you chose “yeah, pretty much the same one as I can see in the featured image,” you picked correctly!  This one was a cool little play on perspective, where he’s using his two magic staves to prep some cool magic. Let’s see how Hozure enhanced it going forward.

Magic looks great when it’s actually present. Those cool little violet lightning bolts ended up really making the piece come to life. I love that this guy is kind of on the big side, too. Not everyone should be thin and spry.

And here you have the final piece with a little bit of background. It helps to bring out the colors even more, if I do say so myself.

We’ve got plenty more works from Hozure on the way, so keep your eyes peeled to this website. Thanks for joining us!

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