Character Art – Adelia Kreegan

Howdy folks!  We’re so happy to announce that we’ve begun a new collaboration with Barnswallow that includes a new trio of art pieces.  For the first time, we’ve also given her a character she’s already done before.  Since she’s already had her hand at that, let’s see how she changes things this time around.

This version of Adelia is a little older and a little more confident in herself.  She’s still studios though, and loves to dive into a good (spell)book.

With the detailed sketch, you can see a lot more of what makes this picture pop.  One of the things that we noticed was that Adelia’s attire was almost contemporary.  It’s not something we thought we’d see, but we liked it nonetheless.

And here we have the full picture.  A lot of work went into this, and we were absolutely ecstatic with the final piece.  Barnswallow consistently does a great job, and this one just took the cake!

Bookmark, because we’re going to have two more awesome pieces from Barnswallow over the next few weeks.  They are just as incredible as this one, if not more so!

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