Character Art – Deävin

Howdy folks!  We’re wrapping up our look at the sponsored characters for Quantum Quest, and we have a cool one to show off today.  Thanks to Jim and Annie Elicker, we were able to bring Annie’s character into Quantum Quest, and have Hozure bring him to life in his style.  Deävin is part of a story that Annie is writing, and he has some pretty cool things that make him tick.  Let’s see how Hozure was able to bring that to an art piece.

So, first thing’s first: you can tell that Deävin is definitely not alone.  That’s because he has the ability to summon a shadowy lion to his side.  We wanted to show him with that to really make him pop.

In the sketch we were looking at, it was mostly Deävin alone who was finished.  You can see his lion as the piece evolved though.

There you can see the shadowy/smoky/fiery lion in all his glory.  Looks awesome, right?  You can also make out here that Deävin isn’t exactly helpless on his own, as he’s got a barbed whip that he uses as his weapon of choice as well.

Here you can see the finished piece.  I want to thank Jim and Annie for bringing Deävin to Quantum Quest.  It was so cool to have him join the world, bringing his cool power set along to play.  Thanks also to Hozure for bringing these characters to life in ways that are absolutely breathtaking.  And of course, an extreme amount of gratitude to Sergei for making the designs so quickly so that we could play with them in our first set!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.