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Urban Fantasy Promo – Hedge Witch

Hello folks, and welcome to another day here where we visit the Otherworld.  We’ve had a great time bringing your attention to other great fantasy stories, and today will be no different.

Simon Kewin presents the first book in his The Cloven Land Trilogy with Hedge Witch. And it immediately becomes a page-turner.  Every step of the way, you’re interested in the drama that surrounds protagonist Cait, who learns more about what she is and what lies in store for her.


Two worlds, one nightmare…

Fifteen year-old Cait Weerd has no idea the undain are hunting her. She doesn’t know the vile creatures need her blood to survive. She doesn’t even know she’s a witch, descended from a long line of witches. Cait Weerd doesn’t know much, but all that’s about to change.

At Manchester Central Library, she’s caught in the crossfire between the witches and the undain, two worlds fighting for an old book. Cait takes the book and is told to run, hide the book or destroy it. The undain’s secrets are buried in its pages, and they want it almost as much as they want her.

The fate of two worlds is at stake. Along with definitely-not-a-boyfriend Danny, Cait has to decide what to do: run, fight, or hope it all goes away.

But then Cait learns who she really is, along with the terrible truth of what the undain have been doing in our world all this time.

It’s no surprise that Hedge Witch is practically universally loved.  It’s received a fair share of good reviews, and it’s sparked two sequels (and a prequel)—the third book arrives on June 21st!  To celebrate, this second book in the series has a very attractive price right now: it’s just 99 cents through the 26th of June!  If you’re interested in what Kewin has to say, you can check out his website here.  And since there’s no time better than now to do so, pick up Hedge Witch from Amazon today!

Science Fiction Promo – Last Call

Hello there fans of speculative fiction, and welcome to another day straight from the Otherworld.  We’ve had a huge week for promotions, and we’re still delivering!

The book we’d like to bring to your attention on this Friday is—fittingly—Last Call, by Sam McLeod.  A perfect concoction of helpings of science fiction, fantasy, spirituality and so much more that jumps off each page.  It’s getting a lot of praise, and it’s not hard to see why.


A classic hero’s journey set in the modern day, Last Call blends elements of science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, spirituality, celebrity culture, and conspiracy theory to weave together a unique mythology that reflects the experience of living in the 21st century. Travel with Jean-Luc Chippewa Burns throughout time, space, heaven and hell as he attempts to realize the True Nature of his existence and save his home planet from a mysterious looming catastrophe.

McLeod has earned his fair share of praise from those who have reviewed his book.  It’s not hard to see why, either, as the pages keep turning.  You’ll be immersed in this story in moments.  If you’re interested in this book, there’s no better time than now to pick it up from Amazon.  Update: There really is no better time, since today, Last Call is free!

Science Fantasy Promo – Eight Ball Down

Here at Tellest, we try to be as open as possible to other genres that would constitute “fantasy” in a different way than you might expect. We’ve promoted science fiction, some horror, and some stories that have some lovely humor.  But I don’t think we’ve ever done a combination of all of them in one book.

Not until today, that is.  A. S. Thomsen makes it look easy with Eight Ball Down, a book that seems like it could be right up there with Shaun of the Dead or The World’s End as far as cheeky London humor-meets-deadly catastrophes go.  It’s a charming read that will have you ready to turn the page before your eyes even make it to the last word on each.


Vampires are coming out of the woodwork, a new evil walks the hallowed streets of Putney, South London and the ridiculed Putney Vampire Killers face their biggest challenge yet – saving the World…and Boat Race Day…in under 12 hours.

Armed with their magical pool cues and working out of The Great Lodge, a living building disguised as a pub (The Pig & Phoenix) and rumoured to have gone senile, Carl, Lola, Johnny and Bert take on a host of supernatural beings on the Lower Richmond Road while trying to rid the world of the infamous magical Eight Ball. Vampires, zombies, fish demons, Time Police and a pan-dimensional indestructible plague of female pirates stand between them and the end of the planet. Can they do it and get back in time to open the pub before a swarm of angry punters have their necks?

With an interesting story that’s delightfully funny, Thomsen manages to make combining genres seem effortless.  Eight Ball Down promises to be just the first of the Pig and Phoenix books, and once you’re done reading this, you’ll be clamoring for the next one. If you’d like to pick up this story, check it out on Amazon.  It’s also available in the UK store.  And be sure to check out Thomsen’s website and her awesome book trailer!

Fantasy Promo – Ganesha’s Temple

Hello there folks.  We have got a great way to start this week on account of a promo you won’t soon forget.  We’ve had sci-fi and traditional fantasies to show off in recent days, but today’s featured book is a different animal altogether.

Primarily urban fantasy, but with healthy doses of mythology, hindu spirituality and philosophy, Rohit Gaur’s Ganesha’s Temple, the first book in his Temple Wars series, is unlike anything you’ve ever read. It is of the utmost quality, and it sucks you in right away.  Before you realized it, you’ll have flipped through most of the pages.

2016-05-01 19_22_50-Start

“I will help you prepare yourself for the dangers that lie ahead.”

Those words and Lord Ganesha’s appearance in a dream ring ominously in fourteen-year-old Tarun Sharma’s mind as he and his family travel to a festival celebrating the elephant-headed god.

Tarun, the son of Kashmir’s chief minister, soon experiences his first taste of danger when terrorists attack the festival. He flees into the wilderness and takes shelter in a cave—where he meets Ganesha and discovers the deity needs his help.

Thus begins a journey into a mystical spirit world full of strange creatures and infused by the life-giving power of prana. Tarun must travel into the spirit world to return to Ganesha what’s his. But the clock is ticking as he struggles to avoid the evil Serpentine and races to complete his tasks. If he fails, the disastrous consequences will spill out of the spirit world and devastate the Earth.

Travel with Tarun on an odyssey of epic importance in Rohit Gaur’s Ganesha’s Temple, the first book in the Temple Wars series. It’s a fantasy adventure with a message that will inspire as a young boy discovers the strength and courage he needs to persevere.

Gaur is a serial entrepreneur, and his many successes in life have clearly been used as a model for this book—and the long-spanning brand that is sure to come from it.  With beautiful art and maps, flawless writing and a story that’s as deep as it is compelling, Ganesha’s Temple is sure to be your favorite new book.  And today, you can get this book, regularly selling for $9.99 for the low price of… wait for it… absolutely free.  Be sure to pick it up from Amazon now!

Fantasy Promo – The Keeper’s Light

My, we have had a lot of fantasy to show you this week.  And it doesn’t seem like there’s any signs of stopping.  We’re proud to keep bringing you great content from up-and-coming authors.

One such author is Anjillica Navarro, who debuts with The Keeper’s Light, the first volume in the Legends of The Keepers series.  It’s a story that’s as much about freedom of choice as it is the fantastic world that surrounds the heroine, Elizabeth.  Navarro gets into some deep territory here, and it pays off well.


“You ignite my courage and burn a fire in my strength. You are the harmony for my soul.” -Elizabeth Lilith of Aoedome

The ability to choose is a powerful thing. With every choice made The Light of Wills grows more radiant, protecting the sanctity of choice. Elizabeth’s parents had been The Keepers of that power. They were the protectors of individual will, until a clandestine enemy discovered a way to corrupt it. Her parents bestowed The Light of Wills, a weight heavier than the world, into her newborn heart years ago. With a fight ahead, facing an already victorious foe, Elizabeth must learn of her heritage. Against unprecedented tempests, she must learn what it means to be a Keeper

Navarro has just released this book, so you’d be among the first of her sure-to-be growing fanbase.  If The Keeper’s Light seems like it would be something you’d be interested in, consider picking it up at Amazon today.

Mythological Fantasy Promo – Saving Atlantis

This has been a pretty good month for mythology from the Otherworld!  As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of myths and legends from all walks of life.  I like and use pieces from greek, roman, hindu, japanese and nordic cultures like crazy in most of my work.  But one of my favorite pieces of mythology has got to be the legend of Atlantis, and I’m betting that it appeals to more than just me.

Wendy Ann Zellea manages to put together an almost spiritual experience with Saving Atlantis.  It’s crafted in a manner that’s very deliberate, a modern myth in its own right.  This tale is sure to empower a series of its own, strengthened by intriguing, thought provoking messages.

Saving Atlantis

The Atlantean Crew had been coming to the modern world for years. On the last mission, they had become stranded, after the portals closed. The energetic integrity of Atlantis was compromised. Even some members of the Law of One had been infiltrated by lower vibrating energies.

Zi’antha’s father was the leader of the crew that could not return. Her mission was to save him, although how she would accomplish this, she did not know.

When Annie, a woman from New Jersey, began to chat online with a man who claimed to be in Atlantis, little did she know that she would be instrumental in saving the Atlantean crew and Saving Atlantis.

Travel inter-dimensionally to Atlantis during the last days before the fall where the most enlightened beings, must use all their powers and gifts to try and save their beloved land.

Pyramids, stone circles, crystals, vortexes and romance! It’s got it all!


Zellea is no stranger to the written word.  She’s written countless works in the field of spiritual growth, but this is the first “New Era” piece that she’s worked on.  Show her your love by checking out Saving Atlantis on Amazon today!

Dark Fantasy Promo – Anaerfell

It’s been a while since we had a horror or dark fantasy to promote from the Otherworld.  You don’t often see them on Amazon either. Still, my only regret is that we weren’t able to talk about this next one around Halloween.  A nice, sobering fantasy filled with things that might make your skin crawl.

Two authors, Joshua Robertson and J. C. Boyd have collaborated to bring to you the tale of Anaerfell.  It’s a story with a lot of gritty, grey areas, perfect for what’s become a part of the fantasy landscape with the growing popularity of things like Game of Thrones.  The world itself is intriguing and rich, but it’s the characters who will really capture your attention.  They aren’t painted in any specific colors.  Rather, you could find yourself loving them and hating them in the same chapter.  It’s definitely and interesting tale that the authors have crafted here.


Anaerfell cover


Drast, cunning but reckless, is on the hunt for admiration. Tyran, calculating but tactless, is in search of affection. Bound by a friendship thicker than blood, the two brothers have been hardened by their father’s ambitions. Drast and Tyran are forced to set aside their own hopes and dreams during their struggle to fulfill their father’s desire for immortality. The two will face skin-switchers and dragons, ultimately leading to a final clash with Wolos, God of the Dead.

Part of a growing universe called Thrice Nine Legends, Anaerfell has a huge amount of support moving it forward.  Folks are already loving the interesting characters and chilling world of this story.  If you want a gritty read to throw yourself into, check out Anaerfell on Amazon.  And don’t forget to visit the authors’ website, which is filled with links to their other books, and news about what is to come.

Dark Fantasy Promo – Power of Shadow

Dark fantasies certainly have their place.  We don’t usually see too many of them come through from the Otherworld, and indeed, they aren’t focused on too much in film or television unless  they’re called Game of Thrones.  That can be a little grim for some people, which is why it’s nice to strike a balance.

If that balanced, darker story is attractive to you, you might want to check out Power of Shadow, the first book in the Earth, Blood and Shadow series, by Dean Chalmers.  It’s dark, as the name suggests, and may even tread the line toward grimness, dance that line and then completely cross it.  But at its heart is a story that can be enjoyed by anyone.  Chalmers has an interesting written voice, and sometimes that can make all the difference.



A shy young mage awakens to a potent power…

Phantist just wants to be an entertainer, earning his living with his shadow magic. But then, an ancient elemental evil known as Earth Darkness declares war on the land… And the shadow mages are its first target.

Now, to save his people and his country, Phantist joins with an eccentric lightning-mage and a mysterious female soldier on a quest to stop Earth Darkness and its murderous plans.

But this battle demands that Phantist find the warrior within himself… And that he must embrace the darkest, deadliest aspects of his own magic.


A brilliantly written first-person story, Power of Shadow is a fun escapist tale.  Right from the get-go, Phantist is in over his head, and with every turn of the page, you’re that much more excited to see where the story is bound to go.  Before you know it, you’re halfway through the book!

If you’re interested in Phantist and his adventures, pick up Power of Shadow on Amazon today.  And don’t forget, this is only the first book in the Earth, Blood and Shadow series.

Fantasy Promo – Raven’s Tears

I often think to myself, “there’s nobody that is as passionate about the world that they’ve concocted in their head as I am.”  And while I’m still not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, I have seen some pretty vigorous contenders.  There are folks out there that treat their series like a child, raising them up from nothing to be powerful enough to stand on their own.  Alesia and Michael Matson treat their child like she’s the future queen.

They’ve opened up their fantastic series, The Raven and the Iris, with Raven’s Tears.  A trip to the world of Menelon opens a window to this vast fantasy that they’ve spent thirty years creating.  It’s a true passion the likes of which their characters wouldn’t even see coming.  I am truly impressed by their willingness to hammer away at it as hard as they have.  In doing so, they’ve forged a world that rivals some of the greatest fantasies you’ve ever seen.




RAVEN’S TEARS, All eBook Formats Now $1.99 Through August 2015!

Metaphor Publications, Inc. is happy to offer readers one last chance for a discount buy-in to this first book of “The Raven & The Iris,” our first urban fantasy romance series of 2015! Revised and expanded for the net-savvy 21st century reader, it’s complete with active links to entries in online wiki for the ever-expanding, fantasy world of Menelon. It’s a new way to immerse yourself in the glittering ballrooms and narrow, cobbled streets inhabited by the “living…” “breathing…” “believable…” characters whom so many fantasy and urban romance readers have grown to love.

The Iris is Lady Angelique Blakesly, a young, intelligent, widowed noblewoman returned to Fernwall from a far-off, war-torn land, ostensibly to reclaim her dead family’s barony. It’s been a good life. She has more secrets than a cluster of cats, but was doing all right at keeping them sorted until she ran headlong into the man who could make her regret every one of them.

The Raven is Sir Vincent Sultaire: con-man, information broker, playboy, rebel. He’s also serving time for his crimes as a chief inspector for the city’s police department, and has managed to tangle himself up in a state that looks suspiciously like “love” with the lovely and enigmatic Lady Blakesly. They’re happily seducing each other under the noses of the ruling class, and it’s all quite entertaining – until he’s tasked with solving the mysterious theft of an ancient, priceless dwarven artifact. The trail he finds will lead him into some of the foulest corners of Fernwall’s underworld. The last thing he expects to find there are the clues that implicate the woman he loves in layers upon layers of lies and treachery.

It’s a thrilling and fast-paced race for both lovers as they find that in spite of the answers they find, the only question left that matters is: What wouldn’t you do for love?
Raven’s Tears, Revised & Expanded, is the first book in the “Raven and Iris” series. It’s a romance. It’s a police procedural tale. Most of all, it’s a story of true love, and of the sacrifices love demands.  One of the coolest things, I think, that the Matsons have done is include links to complementary material.  There’s access to a map of the Raven and Angel’s world, background information on all the events that have transpired – it truly is a very nice gesture from the authors.

If Raven’s Tears has caught your fancy (and it should have by now!), do check it out on Amazon.  That should tide you over before Dead Man’s Trigger, book two of the Raven & the Iris comes to Amazon in November!


Fantasy Promo – The Undead King (The Saga of Jai Lin: Book One)

I absolutely love post-apocalyptic fiction.  It’s even better when it’s somehow mixed with fantasy.  Give me the Fallout with swords and shields, and… well I guess you kind of have Skyrim, but that’s my kind of game anyway.  In any case, we don’t really get enough of those fantasy-after-the-world’s-been-destroyed storylines.

Jared Rinaldi takes that notion and crushes it.  He’s already delivered us a great story, The Undead King, which is the first book in the Saga of Jai Lin.  He’s a bit of a renaissance man, too, with acting and musical tendencies under his belt.  With such a wide skill set, he has a lot to lend to his awesome characters.  His protagonist, Mercer Crane, and even Jai Lin, the sword that his father used to slay the imposing threat of a dangerous general, speak volumes of the kind of delightful fantasy that Rinaldi has set out to spin.




In a post-apocalyptic future, where humankind has descended back into the dark ages, a young swordsman and his small band of allies must stand against the Undead King and his army of ravenous zombies.

There is a war brewing in the Green Lands. East versus west, might versus mind, brother versus brother…

While this battle over power and resources consumes the land, the Undead King is clandestinely marching north. At his command are an army of ravenous corpses, their appetite for living flesh insatiable. In the king’s possession is a sceptre of great power, forged in white fire by the monks of Jai Lin…

Mercer Crane is a young wanderer who has lost everything and means to make a name for himself in the war. He has come into possession of a sword, its edges lined with dark matter. This blade is special, as is the man who wields it, for together, they are the only thing that can stop… THE UNDEAD KING.


That’s the kind of blurb that gets my attention right away, and you can be sure that I’ve already picked up my copy.  The Undead King is free today only, courtesy of Rinaldi.  Make sure to pick your copy up here before it’s too late!