Fantasy Promo – Ganesha’s Temple

Hello there folks.  We have got a great way to start this week on account of a promo you won’t soon forget.  We’ve had sci-fi and traditional fantasies to show off in recent days, but today’s featured book is a different animal altogether.

Primarily urban fantasy, but with healthy doses of mythology, hindu spirituality and philosophy, Rohit Gaur’s Ganesha’s Temple, the first book in his Temple Wars series, is unlike anything you’ve ever read. It is of the utmost quality, and it sucks you in right away.  Before you realized it, you’ll have flipped through most of the pages.

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“I will help you prepare yourself for the dangers that lie ahead.”

Those words and Lord Ganesha’s appearance in a dream ring ominously in fourteen-year-old Tarun Sharma’s mind as he and his family travel to a festival celebrating the elephant-headed god.

Tarun, the son of Kashmir’s chief minister, soon experiences his first taste of danger when terrorists attack the festival. He flees into the wilderness and takes shelter in a cave—where he meets Ganesha and discovers the deity needs his help.

Thus begins a journey into a mystical spirit world full of strange creatures and infused by the life-giving power of prana. Tarun must travel into the spirit world to return to Ganesha what’s his. But the clock is ticking as he struggles to avoid the evil Serpentine and races to complete his tasks. If he fails, the disastrous consequences will spill out of the spirit world and devastate the Earth.

Travel with Tarun on an odyssey of epic importance in Rohit Gaur’s Ganesha’s Temple, the first book in the Temple Wars series. It’s a fantasy adventure with a message that will inspire as a young boy discovers the strength and courage he needs to persevere.

Gaur is a serial entrepreneur, and his many successes in life have clearly been used as a model for this book—and the long-spanning brand that is sure to come from it.  With beautiful art and maps, flawless writing and a story that’s as deep as it is compelling, Ganesha’s Temple is sure to be your favorite new book.  And today, you can get this book, regularly selling for $9.99 for the low price of… wait for it… absolutely free.  Be sure to pick it up from Amazon now!

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