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Character Art – Azura

Hello folks!  We’ve got a quick, bite-sized treat for you today.  It has been over a year since we’ve had the opportunity to show off some of the work we did with Barnswallow.  Today, she’s doing a character debut for us.

Azura is a character that was introduced way back in the first iteration of my debut novel, when I was seventeen.  A lot has changed since that original write-up, and a lot is changing still.  But the look I’ve had for her in my head has never really changed.

Azura is classy and mysterious, and she’s been a figure in Kaos Kreegan’s life before.  There are definitely going to be some twists and turns in her story going forward.  She deserves a bigger role in the world of Tellest, and we’re going to make sure she gets it.

Character art – Iliana

Hey everybody!  Since we’re still deep in Kickstarterland (just a stone’s throw away from the Otherworld), this is going to be a quick one today.  Still, we’re hoping it’ll be really enjoyable!

You see, we worked with Barnswallow, one of our more recent additions to our collaborations, to have her tackle a character who is a little bit new to the series.

Iliana is a delver, what we call the dark elves of the Tellest universe. Catchy name, right?  Almost makes up for the simple portmanteau. This particular delver also has some history with a somewhat more established character, who was introduced in Son of the Storm.

Iliana dark sketch 2 Iliana dark sketch 1


We started off with a couple of sketches.  These are very similar, but we had to determine whether or not we were going with an extra bit of skin or not.  I opted for more.  Iliana is the kind of person who would use that to her advantage.


Iliana Complete


As I said, it was a really quick one.  Barnswallow went right for the jugular, and we were so impressed.  Iliana looks gorgeous and deadly, all at the same time.

Well, it’s time to get our noses back to the Kickstarter grindstone. We look forward to bringing you more from the world of Tellest, and from Barnswallow!

Character Art – Zoe Hart

Hey folks.

We’ve got an awesome treat for you today.  Barnswallow, who we’ve worked with before, has done up some awesome new characters for us.  And I do mean new.  These characters have either barely been shown in our art gallery, or this is their big debut.

We start with Zoe Hart, our second generation hero.

Zoe dark sketch 1

In our sketch, you can see Zoe is taking what is probably a much deserved break in the city of Atalatha.  We never really talk about what happens between books, but we consider Zoe a “street level” hero, in that she probably helps to keep people safe even when she’s not involved in cataclysm level events.

Zoe Complete

here you can see a little better our heroine’s attire and weapon choices.  She’s got a very playful style, and even when she’s in trouble beyond her beliefs, she’s willing to give it her all and be optomistic.


Don’t forget to check back every Thursday for more art from the world of Tellest!