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Character Art – Adelia Kreegan

Hey there folks.  We’re back with another Hozure redux today, with arguably the most popular character he’s ever worked with.  Adelia was also one of the first characters he did for us, so it’s great to see her freshened up a little bit.  It’s actually amazing how good a job he did with her as well.

As is always the case with our collaborations with Hozure, we started with some poses:

He gave us more this time than usual, which made it extra hard to choose.  But choose we did.

Our new Adelia just looks more complete.  Hozure’s always really good about choosing the little details, and in this particular piece, he gave her plenty, which you can even start to see in the WIP shot.

Everything gets more impressive with the completed version of Adelia.  Her spell, her staff, her belt, her footwear, the design of her dress.  This is probably one of my very favorites from Hozure, and it’s easy as anything to see why!

That little bit of background color adds a bit of contrast to the character, and you can see her in all her glory even better.


We’ve almost wrapped up the “redux” series.  By now, you’ve got to know who comes next and last.  Catch us here again in just three weeks!

Art Reveal – Transformed Cover

Hello all!  It’s been an exceptionally long time since we had a cover to show off here, and we’re going to make amends today.

Though we’re still a long way off for Transformed, the sequel to Mageborn, it’s about time we show off the cover.  We’re kind of going out of order here, because Dragonspeaker is the next one that’s up after Lord of Thunder releases in March, but we don’t actually have that cover done yet, so you’ll just have to wait!

Another interesting thing about this cover is that it’s probably the one that went furthest from where we started, out of all the covers we’ve done yet.  Let me show you what I mean.


One of the more important places in the series is the gardens.  This is one of Gaston’s favorite places, and it’s expanded to become one of Adelia’s favorites too.

In this first attempt at the follow-up cover, you can also see two new characters.

Ultimately, we decided it was a little too bright and cheery.  We asked Leo to see if we could do something darker instead.


Rather than give up entirely, we made the gardens look a little darker at first.  Our lady in the back looked more like a villain than we were happy with, and we decided to try and start over with a different locale.


Moving indoors brought us back to the study that Adelia was playing in for the cover of Mageborn.  She’s a little older and more experienced now, so we aged her up a bit.  We also have a back cover now, so we were able to include Gaston and that new character, Lucinda on the back.


This was just a small change, but we wanted the front and the back to almost be a reflection of one another, so we removed that low wall for the purposes of the art.


With a splash of color, you can see a little bit more than you did before.  In the book, Lucinda is a frisky lady, and Gaston looks like he’s bit off more than he can chew here.

Meanwhile, Adelia is performing her magic for a familiar character from the first book in the series.


At this point, the back has taken shape very nicely.  Lucinda, in her purple outfit is torturing poor Gaston with salacious remarks and “bad” touches.


Finally, here we have the full cover.  On the front, you can see that Adelia is in a more attractive outfit than she wore in Mageborn. She’s starting to come into womanhood (no small part influenced by Lucinda, mind you), and we wanted to reflect that by making her a little easier on the eyes.

She’s also playing around with those butterflies again, only this time, she’s making them out of ice, an element she has an affinity for.

That’s about it for this cover, but we’re not going to make you wait nearly as long for this next one.  It’ll be a teensie little Christmas present!  In the meantime, we’ll just be chugging along, ready to move into this next phase of Tellest as quick as we can.


April Fools’ Art – Adelia and Juramentado

Hey there folks.  This is our last post on April Fools’ for this year. Promise!

Today, we don’t have any mechs, so we’re just going to really quickly show you our last two characters.  We decided to go with Adelia and Juramentado, because we thought it’d be cool to see what casters would look like in the future:


Adelia Kreegan sketch01 Juramentado_sketch01


Marwan gave us a few different choices to work with, and we moved ahead accordingly:

Adelia Kreegan lineart+flatcolor Juramentado_lineart+flatcolor

We opted for a pseudo-pixie cut for Adelia because we thought it spoke more for the time you’d see in the future.  Juramentado, on the other hand, kept his cowl, because it made him look more badass.

Adelia Kreegan transparent Juramentado_transparent

Adding a layer of shine really made the characters pop.  You can see here that they both kind of have accessories.  Adelia is summoning a shield on her arm, and Juramentado has a trusty raven companion (mechanical, of course).  We kind of rethought each of these characters as tinkerers and scientists in this spinoff.

Adelia Kreegan Juramentado

And there you have it.  Both characters in all their awesome glory.

We really hope that this April Fools’ joke panned out to be as entertaining for you guys as it was for us.  We had a lot of fun with it, and we hope to do more goofy things like this in the future!

Art: Adelia by Clover-Teapot, part 2

In early September, we showed you a new collaboration that we had with an artist called Clover-Teapot.  She started us up with one of our fan favorite characters, Adelia.


Adelia 4


It’s time, now, to show you the extent of her work, and how awesome a job she did.


Adelia 5


This was a rather subtle change—she altered the way that Adelia was looking within the subject matter.  Our mage is fully aware that she’s being watched.  At this point, it could almost look like this is one of those paintings that watches you, its eyes following you throughout the room.


Adelia 6


The eyes and the shading were changed further here, but the biggest difference is likely the way the magic is presented.  Adelia has a wide array of magical abilities to tap into, so we wanted to present something that didn’t have a particular affinity.  The swirls of colors don’t necessary evoke a specific elemental magic, and that gave us just what we wanted.


Adelia 7


This was our finished piece in its entirety.  The painterly window and each little bit of the portrait pops that much more now.  Even though the changes were subtle each time, they still managed to come together to look absolutely amazing in this last piece.  Adelia has come a long way since the girl on the front of the Mageborn cover—it’ll be interesting writing her from point A to point B!

Character Art – Adelia Kreegan

I always think, Tellest can never have too much Adelia.  She’s a huge part of our second phase of stories, and I think she’s a character that a lot of people can kind of relate to.  And because we see her in two different points in her life, we see both the meager beginnings that most of us have, and the great potential that we’d like to see ourselves arrive at.

We recently had the opportunity to work with another new artist. This time, it’s Clover Teapot, who did a remarkable job with Adelia, to the point where I think we may have our most definitive piece of her yet.  But as always, I ramble too much.  Let’s allow the art itself to express itself.

Adelia 2


We started with the black and white pencil iteration, as we’re oft to do.  In this case, Clover was hooking us up with what she calls a painterly window—it’s a bit more expressive than a lot of work that we have because the art almost seems to pop right off the screen.

Adelia 3


This is how you know that Clover means business.  We very rarely get the double pencil sketches, but she made sure that we were happy with the piece going into the coloring phase.  In this particular phase, our artist worked on refining some of the features, making Adelia a little more sensual and provocative in her appearance.

Adelia 4


Of course, you never really get a feel for where the finished piece is going until you see the color hit the page (or screen).  Adelia looks so bad ass here, and we still had three more changes to go before we saw the final iteration.

Because this was such an extensive process, we decided to highlight Clover’s work across two posts.  Stay tuned in the next few weeks to see the completion of this incredible piece!

Art: Adelia Figurine

We’ve been on a strange kick, lately, where we have been showing art from the same character multiple times.  That’s just kind of how things have fallen into place, but I won’t complain!

Today, we’ve got another piece for you from Skence.  This one will just be a quick post, because this was the initial piece that we did with the artist.  Think of it as kind of an audition.  In this case, Skence didn’t keep the sketches that he was working on, so we’ve just got the final piece.  That said, it was an awesome piece, and it led to some other great “figurines” going forward.Adelia11

Art: Adelia Kreegan

Adelia is fast becoming one of my favorite heroes to put on display. She carries a sense of whimsy to a series that can be dark and cold, yet she’s able to hold her own against whatever odds come her way.

Today, we introduce a new piece of art for our favorite sorceress, in addition to a new artist we hope to work with for a long while.  John Becaro is another artist from the Phillipines (like Joman Mercado), and he does work in an excellent superhero-esque style that I really dig.  So when we found out that he had some commission slots open, we picked up a pair, and he set to work on Adelia.

His first sketch came through, and we could see that he definitely put his personal touches on it.  I’ve modified it a little bit for visibility. Originally, it was done in pencil, so this makes it a little easier to see:


ADELIA_Mageborn_sketch wip visibility



After that, he put a little bit of color to the picture.  It’s a flat look, but you can really tell where he’s going with the final piece.


ADELIA_Mageborn color flats wip



And while I think that’s really decent already, John really blew us away with his grand finale.  It’s amazing what a little shading and an awesome background can do!





This is the oldest look that we have for Adelia, besides what we’ve seen on the cover of The Bindings of Fate.  It’s a far cry from the meek thing we saw in Mageborn!


We’re looking forward to more from John Becaro, but I hope this tides you over until then!

Art: Adelia

I’m at the point now where I’m constantly looking for artists who can take my breath away.  I don’t think we’ve had one that’s worked on Tellest commissions that hasn’t fulfilled that sole duty.

We’ve got a special treat for you today, though.  A new artist, RedPear, is going to be doing some spectacular character portraits, and we start with the hero of Mageborn.  Here is her process:


This is Adelia as she would appear in The Bindings of Fate, so considerably later than what she looked like in Mageborn.


To be perfectly honest, I liked the sketch just the way it was.  And of course, RedPear had to go and blow my mind…


Hwabam! I think that’s the only thing that can really be said here.


I still can’t believe the quality of that there piece of artwork, but I’ve seen it, and some followups from RedPear.  You’re in for a treat on many more occasions!

Oh, and our wonderful new artist also added a splash of color as well:


Complete - Color