Character Art – Adelia Kreegan

Howdy folks!  I’m pleased to have you with me here today because we’re going to be looking at a very interesting piece of art that we received from Wern Szuen Lee.  At this point, over the last several weeks and months, we’ve seen the other four members of the Tales of Tellest protagonists, and while Dennis had taken a stab at Adelia before, we wanted to give Wern a shot to make an Adelia piece of his own, especially because we wanted to see these five heroes together.

He started us off with a sketch, and we ended up moving a little further along with it, and it just didn’t feel quite 100%, so in a rare take, we rewound, and went a different route.

These new sketches felt more in line with the Adelia we knew, and helped us to gather up the final avenue that we were trying to go with this piece.

I loved the sort of symmetry of this version, so we went forward with it, and I knew right off the bat that, as Adelia is our flagship character, she was going to make for a great centerpiece in any art we had with the group.

As Wern often does, he started from the top down here, and we could see that some of the greater details were going to begin taking shape.  One thing that we noticed was that Adelia’s hair sort of looked a bit big, so we ended up asking him to dial that back just a little bit.

Some more polish ended up on the character here, and we could better begin to see the effects taking shape.  It’s always incredible to see something take shape from humble beginnings to outstanding end results, and every time I get a new image from one of my artists, I’m always so excited.

At this point, you could really see that we were getting close to the end.  The magical effects pop out at you that much more, and the characters outfit fell into place that much more.  We have one more bonus that Wern threw in for us as well…


Adelia hardly goes anywhere without her trusty little sidekick!  Wern sort of snuck this one in on us, as I was just blown away by how awesome Adelia looked, but he absolutely brought Merlin into the picture at the 11th hour, and it really made the whole thing just pop.  We had tasked Wern with making a version of Adelia that felt more in line with the other awesome artwork that he had made of our Tales of Tellest characters, and he ended up making something that felt as though he was saving his best for last, and we were so happy with where we ended up.

We’ve continued that relationship with Wern across the board.  He’s since made quite a few new treats for us that you’re going to see throughout the rest of this year and into next year, and as of this writing, we’re still collaborating today, so fingers crossed we still get to make this sort of magic happen for a long while!

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