Horror Promo – Yacht Short Story Mysteries: A Collection of Sailing Horror Stories

Hey there everyone!  Welcome back to another day of Otherworldly goodness.  Today, we’re looking at something a bit more eerie as we take a look at a collection of frightening tales set upon the sea.  If that’s your niche, you’re in for a good time.  Read on to see more about Yacht Short Story Mysteries.

Author Christian Stahl is a sailing and seafaring enthusiast, and he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his latest anthology, Yacht Short Story Mysteries: A Collection of Sailing Horror StoriesYacht is great deal like Stahl’s other works, blending grit and grime with interesting characters placed into unlikely scenarios.  Though you only see snapshots into each of their lives, you can’t help but to be drawn into their predicaments.

Horrific things can happen on a boat, sea journeys not only attract characters a bit out of the ordinary, but also violent and unpredictable forces of nature, often crazy and cruel things can and do happen at sea.

These 10 short stories of suspense and unsettling adventures embrace the reader into a realm of fantasy, where insane and evil souls with hidden agendas head out to sea on often never-ending voyages to exotic and unknown destinations.

The ten stories within this collection are all written with the write pace and flair, leaving each feeling like a delicious morsel—leaving you hungry for the next story, and eager to dive in.  Stahl has plenty of other seafaring tales to go around, but these bite-sized tales are a great introduction to his storytelling.  If you’re looking to have your scary sailing itch scratched, this is a great anthology to pick up.  Check out Yacht Short Story Mysteries: A Collection of Sailing Horror Stories on Amazon today!

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