Fantasy Promo – The strangeness of the unknown

Hello to everyone out there in the world.  I hope you’re ready to kick off the week with another trip to the Otherworld!  Today, we’re taking a look at a story built upon fairytales and weirdness and whimsy.  Read on to learn more about the strangeness of the unknown.

Bryony Storm Dudley brings to life a story about a family that is thrust into an interesting and peculiar world attached to their own in The strangeness of the unknown.  This portal fantasy is as mysterious as it is quirky, and following around the younger members of the family is great fun, if a little unnerving.  Clem and Affie get themselves into more than enough trouble to keep readers invested and intrigued.

Beneath the world lies things only the most wonderful minds will ever be able to see.

A family of five move to the countryside from the city for a quieter life. Unfortunately, this is far from what happened. A family camping trip leads to both magnificent experiences with unimaginable sights but also heartache for the family and arduous decisions. All sorts of amazing creatures willingly return the favour and help the family change their lives to an unreal reality.

Dudley’s work is fun and peculiar, and her characters act the same in turn.  The world that the author builds hidden in our own has plenty of room for laughs and exploration.  Young readers who are looking for a quick, breezy read that wraps up nicely will have a good time with Dudley’s latest work.  Check out The strangeness of the unknown on Amazon today!

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