What Comes Next?

While the third book is coming along nicely – including the Kickstarter campaign – there are other Tellest books on the horizon that remain at the top of my priorities.

The first of those things is a Mathias-based prequel novella of sorts.  I’ve been working on this story at a rapid pace, but it has struck me that it differs quite a lot from my typical novels.  Beyond just the unfamiliar style, it jumps forward in time quickly, as opposed to the minute details that the Child of the Stars trilogy.  As such, I think it’s important to present the story in a different way.

While the production style of the book is going to be maintained – I’ll still write it, set it aside, and have it edited – the release will be slightly different.  I’m going to provide each chapter of the story in weekly updates, kind of like an online serial.  If it does end up released in eBook format, it will be a free release, or potentially a bonus feature in one of the more robust novels.

Though the as yet untitled Mathias story is important to me, and to the Tellest universe as a whole, it isn’t the project I’m most excited for.

The Veil of Mists is going to put a face to Kaos Kreegan’s childhood.  One of the things that worries me about that novel is that it’s going to put me in a territory that some fans may not be happy with.  While Kaos is my flagship character, he is only part of an ensemble, and that ensemble is not going to be present with him in this prequel.  There will be some overlap.  You’ll see David Garus, Alicia, Dirk, and of course, Adelia.  You won’t be privy to seeing some of the other fan favorites, however.  Steel Tip and Christopher are not seen in that novel, not even alluded to.

Instead, the focus is on Kaos.  The Child of the Stars’ biggest problem is that he was too honorable.  He was too good.  I’m glad that the first story that I told for Kaos was the one where he was pretty much a White Knight, because his character interactions in all the other work should be more interesting.  In his youth, he’s a little bit more rambunctious.  He’s sure of himself, even when he shouldn’t be.  And he’s an idiot from time to time, as we’re all prone to be.

Also importantly, you’ll see some of the more intriguing moments of his life.  You’ll understand why he is called Kaos.  You’ll see the moment he meets the brothers Caista, or David Garus, or Alicia Mane and her father.  You’ll see how he happened upon the Heart of Ariyas.

Of course, this prequel story also gives me the chance to delve a little deeper into the past of other characters that he’s met.  The reader already knows, by the time they are done reading As Darkness Falls, that he has some history in Fostervilla.  What isn’t offered so casually is that he’s also spent some time in Viscosa, the capital of Raleigh.  He’s met lifelong friends there, and he’s spilled blood beside them, and it should be interesting to share these new characters with you.

After that, we take a little trip down south to the sea, where the next pentalogy (that’s five new books) unfolds.  We’ll see some old friends and enemies, some new heroes and villains, and of course, for Steel Tip, the return to his home, Ippius.  Gonna be some good times.

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.