General Information

Westwick is located within a large clearing of the Spirit Woods, about eighty miles east of the SpiritRiver.  There is a large lake several miles east of the town.  A road off the small western bridge connects Westwick with Atalatha, and a southern road leads to the far of town of Rattan.

Westwick has fewer than 1,000 citizens, and the town keeps supporting itself through farming and fishing.

The town has virtually no defense, save for a few amateur guards which patrol the town’s busier areas.  Some rumors have swirled about a hidden sect of thieves which guard the town as well.



Westwick is the newest town of Raleigh.  It was established on the 1st of Sunspire, 974 by Wispus van Tretten.  Wispus and a collection of citizens from Viscosa removed themselves from the capital, feeling that politics and the urban lifestyle were too complicated.  They trekked north to Atalatha, but felt that it, too, was far too busy a city to inhabit.  Wispus led his companions to the Spirit Woods east of the city of Atalatha, and, once deep inside, decided on a spot to settle.

The town is named after an old friend of Wispus’, Erman Westwick, who once told him that Viscosa was the beginning, and would become the end, of Raleigh.  Erman was imprisoned within the capital, and died while incarcerated.  His death became the catalyst for the future citizens of Westwick’s exodus.



Westwick was founded on the belief that no law was better than too many of them.  The town does not pay traditional taxes to Viscosa, Wispus having struck a deal with Victor Raleigh to supply some other service, which is unknown except to those two parties.

The town itself can be said to be run as a true democracy.  All the decisions made are made by the entirety of the citizens.  Though the major decisions are played out like this, many of the mundane decisions have fallen upon Wispus, who the people turn to for guidance.



Places of Interest


There is only one tavern in Westwick, and it is unnamed.  It is a particularly quiet establishment, and rarely sees violence or drama.  It is a small place, but is able to provide for thirsty men who have finished laboring for the day, or are taking a break from their taxing work.


The Town Hall

Westwick’s town hall is the biggest building that can be seen upon entering the village.  It dwarfs the size of all the homes and meager shops, but this is because it functions as many things.

The town has no inn, so if travelers need to stay anywhere, space has been set aside within the town hall.  It is a common sleeping place, so if other travelers happen to arrive at the same time, they must all share the same large room.  There is no private caretaker, and all the money earned in this manner goes directly to the town.

Temples are also absent from Westwick, but small images have been carved out in the likenesses of several of the gods in a small chamber within the town hall.  Worship is not performed on a specifically designated day or time, as it is considered personal to the citizens, and there simply is not enough room to accommodate them all during one day.

The town hall also functions as a municipal building, serving as a courthouse and a prison, though the courtroom is also where meetings of all sorts are called.  The prison is a single cell, and is rarely used.

Finally, the town hall also provides education to the children of Westwick.  A small classroom sits just beyond the courtroom.



Wispus van Tretten has a mansion a couple miles to the east of the village.  The place is massive, and some people say that it is larger than the town itself.  The mansion looks over the lake east of town.  It is said that the manor is magical, though outsiders are not permitted inside to confirm those rumors.


The Thieves’ Guild

Although it cannot be said for certain, many stories have circulated from visitors of the town that a thieves’ guild lies somewhere in the town.  However, with such humble looking folk, it is not apparent just where they could be.  Some folk claim that the rumors have only surfaced because money has been lost within the town, but financial gain really means little to the self-sustaining people of Westwick, so the rumors are often discarded.

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