General Information

Sentinel was created not to be a town, but as a border outpost adjacent to the SentinelPass on the northern border of Raleigh.  It was supposed to be only a place for soldiers, but after long months of defending the pass, many soldiers’ families took the trip north to Sentinel and settled there, waiting for their loved ones to return to them.

It is almost due north of Atalatha, though there are no roads to Sentinel yet.  A trek through the wilderness is required to reach the outpost.

The primary function of Sentinel is to defend Raleigh from Blacklehn.  As such, it did not have much merit for business.  However, after moving to the outpost, spouses and older children had to find some way to provide for their families, so some extra work was made close by.  Several farms have taken form nearby, and a mining operation has begun on the south end of the pass as well.

Sentinel is populated by 36,000 people, but this also includes the soldiers (some which are unaccounted for) who serve within the 10 mile pass.

Sentinel has a tall, broad gate that leads into SentinelPass.  It also has a long wooden barricade surrounding its remaining sides.



Sentinel, named after its proximity to the mountain pass it defends, was established on the 16th of Nehr, 978, making it the youngest city within Raleigh (although it is theoretically only an outpost).  Prior to this most of the war between Raleigh and Blacklehn was done within the SentinelPass.  However, after Ippius began aiding Blacklehn, Raleigh was breached, and Blacklehn began attacking hamlets and villages within the country.  After Raleigh beat its enemies back, it founded Sentinel as a permanent base for the country’s northern defense.

In the beginning, Sentinel was only a barracks, and a meager one at that.  Over time, amenities were provided for the town, including a tavern and a small fighting arena.  Once families began moving in, tents sprawled upon the open field south of the pass.  Over time, families began to build homes there.  The southern wall was created to protect them from brigands within Raleigh, but also to limit movement of Blacklehn if they managed to pierce through Raleigh’s soldiers.



Sentinel follows the rule of Viscosa, and every decision made by King Victor Raleigh is mandate.  However, if no outward determinations have been made, the rule falls to the acting general of the Raleighn army.  Currently, the general is Kain Lirça, a veteran fighter of the SentinelPass and a devout paladin.  Kain also relies on the guidance of Morgan Yardborough, who is also renowned for her service to the Raleighn military efforts within the SentinelPass.  While Kain basically handles the soldiers, Morgan governs the non-military citizens of Sentinel.



Places of Interest


The Tempered Sword is a large tavern that provides for the soldiers and citizens of Sentinel.  The place is the second biggest building in town, only smaller than the barracks.  Several bars are in the place, and most of the money it takes in is quickly paid back out, primarily to import spirits and beer.



The Sentinel Inn is the common inn of the outpost.  It is meant to serve for the families of soldiers within the SentinelPass who cannot uproot their entire lives to live in Sentinel.  Prices are cheap, and the qualities of the rooms are adequate.  The Sentinel Inn is located just beside the entrance to the town.

The Golden Sun is reserved for the more stately visitors to the town, primarily diplomats and city leaders.  Usually there is no fee for those who are important enough to stay at the Golden Sun.  Money collected from the Sentinel Inn is used to cushion the Golden Sun for its wealthy visitors.  The Golden Sun faces the barracks on the opposite side of town.



Sentinel does not have a temple, but there is a fountain in the center of the town which has a four sided statue of the gods.  Mathias is upon the north side, Nerot is upon the south side, Ariyas is upon the west side, and Galvan is upon the east side.

Word has it that a good deal of thought has been put into rebuilding the effigies of the gods to all face north and stand higher, so that the soldiers within the pass can see their gods to pray to them.


The Barracks

The barracks at Sentinel are the biggest barracks in Raleigh, at some times housing 4,000 soldiers.  The building is immense, and has been expanded several times since the town was originally founded.  Outwardly, the barracks are impressive, however once someone ventures inside, they can really appreciate the size.  The barracks has stretched into the Great Boundary mountains, leaving plenty of room for the soldiers it houses.  The barracks are just to the southwest of the gate into the pass.

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