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Greetings to our comic book reader visitors to the Otherworld.  We’ve got an interesting project to tell you about today, and it’s one that could use your help if you’re into superhero fantasies and a good time.  Read on to learn more about The Adventures of Ganja Girl.

Charles Ahonotu is a storyteller and comic book aficionado who has tapped into his social group and his hobbies to bring a new tale to life.  This quirky, humorous, good-natured story is The Adventures of Ganja Girl, a story of ordinary people finding great power within themselves, even if it’s with the help of an external substance.  Ahonotu’s advantages stem from his entertaining relationships with his friends, as well as an aim toward making the story enjoyable by anyone.

Chelsy K Cray is a stoner slash slacker with no responsibility or accountability who smokes a strand of weed that gives her power beyond her belief. She begins to struggle with using her power for good, or trying to live a normal life. She works at a weed dispensary.

Her sidekick Ally is a self-proclaimed nerd and weed smoker. She helps Chelsy figure out her powers, builds her suit and develops different weapons for her to use.

Oda Tamassa is a mysterious character who teaches Chelsy Tai Chi, weapons combat and how to control her spirit and physical body separation.

Dr. Nick Tannen is an evil genius doctor kicked out of med school and trying to take over the world. He is a racist and sexist character who is out to destroy and kill mankind.

The Adventures of Ganja Girl is crowdfunding on IndieGoGo at this time, and is trending in the right direction.  If you like your stories to be fun and quirky, and you like to see people fight for progress and the good of humanity, all while kicking butt, this is a comic that could be right up your alley.  The artist is enjoying this story, and he’s made it clear that he wants to continue the character’s escapades, but you can get it at the onset if you help this comic reach its crowdfunding goal.  Check out The Adventures of Ganja Girl on IndieGoGo today!

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