Merge Dungeon Art – Arena Gnolls, Lagano, and Rhinotaurs

Howdy.  It’s been a short while since we’ve seen some Merge Dungeon adventurers, but we’re showing a very special set today: the last generic adventurers, and an awesome set of anthropomorphic enemies you’ll fight in the game, which you can play on Kongregate.  More on what to expect from this art series at the end of the post.

We’re going to start off today’s post with some gnoll warriors.


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In the Tellest universe, gnolls are pretty hardy and dangerous.  They don’t feature too much in too many of the earlier stories, but gnolls are having a Tellest renaissance lately, as they showed up in Aaron Canton’s Blood in the Desert (which featured Rayas Vhirr from Quantum Quest), as well as an early Aaron Canton story.  Another gnoll features prominently in the upcoming Quantum Quest novelization.  We’ve also seen them in the Dragonspeaker series.  Gnolls are about to make a bigger play in the Tellest universe, as a treaty has been in the works between Raleigh and Warus lately that will connect the two countries.  Now, can you imagine rough and tumble gnolls like the guys above traipsing through Atalatha?

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Now, for a complete change of pace, let’s look at some pastel-colored lagano clerics.  We’ve also seen our fair share of lagano over the years, mostly from projects that Aaron Canton has worked on.  I’ve had lagano show up as a neutral party who ended up working with the good guys in Heart of the Forest, as well.  The lagano above are clerics in Merge Dungeon, but we also know that some lagano clerics have a wicked side.

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Last, but certainly not least, we’re swinging back to some massive warriors.  Sergei developed these powerful rhinotaurs, who can switch out their axes with spiked hammers, and really cause some damage.  Rhinotaurs haven’t really been seen too much in the Tellest universe yet, outside of Quantum Quest.  That all changed, recently, when Aaron Canton took the QQ character Noth Vox, and made him the second leading character in his Halloween tale, Blood in the Desert.

That is all we have as far as generic adventures go in Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon.  But don’t forget, every ten levels in the game, you meet a hero character that’s got a little more guts and gumption.  Starting early next year, we’ll begin showing off hero characters, who have had a nice little glow-up from the card game.  Until then, have a fantastic New Year.  Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

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Michael DeAngelo

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